Describable agonies

Finally treated as a grown-up!  Looks like all that pleading and whining paid off.

So do I.  That’s why I run this blog.

See, the thing about chastity routines is all those little ‘fines’ and ‘extras’ can really add up.  I’m supposed to be on monthly release but sometimes I can go six months without, what with one thing or another.  And apparently asking what I am being fined for is ‘impertinence’ for which I get an additional three months !  Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair, although I’m sure she intends it to be.

No, not that kind of cage.  The sort you live in.  Permanently, it would seem.  Interesting philosophical question: if a door is welded shut, is it still a ‘door’?  Something to think about, eh?  You’ll have plenty of time…

I was once told ‘be careful what you wish for’ in femdom but I’ve never really understood why.  I mean I fervently, desperately wish she’d stop whipping me, most days, or I wish in increasing frustration for sexual release.  Neither wish has the slightest effect, so I really don’t see the harm in it.

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  1. Looks like I must be denied and whipped into chastity. I’m in pain and deep frustration. .

  2. Max, honey, we need to talk. No listen, babe, ok?

    I have been thinking about my holiday in Bali with Richard. I thought it might be a good idea to have you get some extra sissy training for the first week. Then you can stay with my mom for the second and third week.

    What do you mean ''what training?'' I told you, silly, you need to be much more girly and feminine. I've noticed some really worrying man ways you have developed.

    Yesterday you asked me if you could have some cottage pie with some fries. Well a girl would eat what I had, an eggy salad with banana. I had made the cottage pie for Richard. Also, you spoke in a man voice to him about the car racing that was on. You know you don't watch car racing, for one thing you get overexcited at all the macho drivers.

    I have booked you in for ''male behavior aversion therapy''. All it means is that when you do something in a 'man' way you get an electric shock to your 'boy parts'.

    eeuggh !! can't bear to think of your 'parts'….so gross.

    I am looking forward to flying out with Richard, don't forget to hand wash all my undies, got to look nice for my man…lol.

    Don't look so sad, freshen up your lippy and go and do something with your hair, perhaps a loose high ponytail would look sweet.

    Good boy, fetch a coffee, honey.


  3. My Wife has gotten away from OTK spanking as well. She says it’s faster and less messy just to paddle me. On other posts, I’m pretty embarrassed to be ove if those makes masturbating in panties to such pics (don’t tell the Wife!)
    The blond talking about the fine and “suggesting” we be nicer on the phone certainly hits all the right buttons.. even if I hate the message!

  4. Servitor, my darling, I have been musing and pondering on what it means in our Liberal democracy to own a sissy husband.

    Now, as you know, I love Max. He is a good boy and tries his very sissy best to please me. He cooks and cleans, he food shops and keeps a close look at the budget I set. When I date a new guy he is polite and obedient to him. He will ask if he can clean the guy's car, or shoes, he will find out what his favorite snacks are and ensure they are in the cupboard.

    With Richard he always asks before approaching me and kissing the ground in front of my shoes, he waits until Richard nods. I am not sure why he does that because Max only needs my permission, no one else's. It is cute though, so I don't say anything.

    Having a sissy husband like Max is very convenient , but takes a bit of planning and slave management. Richard knows nothing of this side of things. The sissy day must be planned, his behavior monitored, any punishment due has to be given.

    As far as discipline is concerned, dear Servitor, certainty is important. Max must know that if he does something wrong then punishment is certain. He must not be in a position where he thinks

    "I dropped a plate and it smashed, will I be punished ?"

    He knows he will be punished.

    In a busy house, with lots going on, my sissy must know some things he heard will not be his concern. For example last week my older sister, Rachel, was talking to me over coffee about castration of males. She has always been a strong advocate of this procedure, her husband was done two weeks before their wedding ten years ago. It keeps him docile and obedient and allows her complete freedom. Rachel has four daughters from four different fathers. They all call her sissy husband, "daddy".

    Now Max could overhear such a conversation and get completely the wrong idea. Luckily Max is well trained and knows his ears are not for listening to the girly chat of senior members of the family.

    Sorry for my ramblings, darling, but I wanted you to know I love my sissy, and our life together.

    That reminds me, I must tell Max his chastity cage won't be removed until after the start of the new school year in September.

    I am far too busy this month (July) and next month I am in Bali with Richard.

    "Honey, we need to talk……."

    My love to you Servitor.


  5. Thank you, Ms Zoe

    Max is an odd name for a sub. Unless ironic, of course.

    Small sissy boy parts can indeed be vile. There's a simple solution, though, I've heard.

    Best wishes


  6. Perhaps your beloved wife should try electrics? Simple, clean and effective. They can even be charged using an exercise bike. So much less fuss… as long as the sub is well-gagged, obviously.

    Best wishes


  7. Very kind of you, Zoe. Yes, I think our various liberal democracies (mine celebrates liberté, egalité and what in a sane world would be called sororité) need to recognise the civil rights of those who freely choose to enslave and oppress sissy husbands. How otherwise could we consider ourselves truly free? Perhaps the political parties will wake up to the fact that every mistress wife has, in effect, at least two votes. Until they do, we can only dream of a day when little sissy boys know they can grow up to do exactly as they're told and never question orders. It's a noble vision.

    Incidentally, on first reading I thought you had missed out a full stop (or 'period' as inhabitants of other liberal democracies might say) at the end of 'He must not be in a position where he thinks'

    Best wishes


  8. Sorry darling boy, thanks for pointing that out. I should have carried on and not started a new paragraph for sissy's speech.

    I think governments should give slave owners a tax break, after all our sissy boys hardly ever use government services. Max visits a private hospital and dentist if necessary. Low taxes are better because rich people spend more, thus giving low income people a job. When I am at work a slave opens doors, calls elevators and generally serves me and all the women there. The most senior male is two grades lower than the most junior female. There is a sweet guy who serves puddings in the canteen, he is about 55 years old and he is on a lower wage than Amy, my junior clerk who joined us straight from school at 18 years old.

    It is very hot here at the moment. Yesterday I came home from work and I was sweaty and my feet stank in my pantyhose. Max came to me at the door and began kissing and sniffing my feet in total worship. Such a good boy. I kicked him away and went upstairs for a shower and changed into a T shirt and shorts.

    I did appreciate Max's devotion but I was too hot, too smelly and too tired.

    I do admire, you dear Servitor.


  9. Thank you Zoe. I was perfectly happy with 'He must not be in a position where he thinks' just as it was. Sounds like heaven.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful suggestion. I’ll have to ask Her— you know, when She is in the proper mood. sara

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