Textual humiliation

Scamper scamper… wag wag wag.



She’s not, like, a pervert or anything.




Mistress’s boyfriend actually, so a bit of both you might say.



Personally, I just feel more comfortable wearing stereotypically female clothing, because when I try to sneak any male clothing on I invariably get found out and beaten.



One fewer thing to worry about, then.







0 thoughts on “Textual humiliation”

  1. Hi Servitor No.4 is so good, thanks, how long did it take to go from living his dream to hating his life and his love for her changing to total fear! Unless he is a complete masochist and service sub.

  2. The woman on the pillow is perfect. Those eyes, and that direct look! She’s obviously saying how she enjoys the play, but for different needs than we have. I’d fold in any case!
    Branding woman on the beach is obviously totally confident with her look … not concerned in the least about your concerns. And throwing in boyfriend just displays that further.

  3. I think you had it right at the end, there, Chas. He has always done both and probably always will. His life is complicated, but fortunately she tries to simplify things for him.

    Best wishes


  4. No doubt. Try screaming for mercy when she gets going – that'll amuse her even more. I mean, she gets paid, obviously, but she loves her work.

    Best wishes


  5. Thank you, SaraE

    Yes, they're all confident women who know what they like and how to get it, in different ways. I it quite inspiring to be treated with contempt by one so little in need to shore up her status.

    Best wishes


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