When things are looking good there’s always complications

 (but the song is actually about a car)


Don’t worry, it’s still quite fresh.



You don’t want Kitten to get cross again.  Kitten has very sharp claws.



Oh well.  Arguably ‘lightening the mood’ isn’t really appropriate at the start of a strict disciplinary session anyway.  Better just get on with it.



She could try telling him it’s kinder this way, but that wouldn’t really be true.


No, not ‘talking it through’.  I mean, she does still intend to talk it all through.  But only after putting her brilliant idea into practice, when he’s in a more receptive mood.

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  1. I don't understand the last caption. Were you thinking of bullfighting instead of rodeo?

  2. Mmmm… possibly, possibly. Don't they try to get wild beasts under control in rodeo? I'm quite ignorant about these things.

    If 'rodeo' conjures up no image other than her riding around on a wildly bucking guy and eventually being thrown off, then I agree it's a particularly rubbish caption! That is not her plan.

    Best wishes


  3. Foremost, I don’t think I want Kitten mad at me. How embarrassed I’d be at the shopping mall, with her yelling at me and leading me by my ear… asking loudly if my panties were too tight, and if we needed to buy me more. It would be an expensive cave-in, I’m sure, partly because who could deny that face? Plus the butt still sore from last time!!

    I suooose it’s only fair if you want to cum on Mistress’ boots, that you clean them off from her last encounter. It would be a little vile, but I’m sure we’d readily learn to adjust.

    As for the bucking bronco, I wonder what size saddle would fit me??

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Btw, don’t believe it if Goddess says she’s feeding you some yogurt ice cubes! SE

  5. No, you really don't want Kitten mad at you. She becomes completely unreasonable and the whole situation can just become very painful and quite extraordinarily expensive. And it's so easily avoided – you just have to make sure she gets whatever she wants, immediately, all the time.

    Many thanks for commenting.


  6. To be honest, even ordinary "yogurt ice cubes" sound quite unpleasant. Anyway, I don't suppose it matters whether I believe her or not – she only asks for obedience, not faith.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


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