Mocking the weak

 Some scenes we’d like to see.

Reminds me of my very first date… the girl I was with kept on comparing my penis size with that of this other guy she knew.  Or maybe she’d never met him before… I don’t know actually.  He was a bit embarrassed about the whole situation, but she offered him a blow job so he went along with it.

Now you are an grown man and have put childish things behind you.   Haven’t you?

There are lots of things I’m better at than I am at sex.  In fact, almost an infinite number.

Oh I don’t know.  Seems to me to have done pretty well.  Anyway, you never know, they might get back together now they’ve found a modus vivandi.

Plenty of orgasms in that household. Does one more or less per month really make that much of a difference?

5 thoughts on “Mocking the weak”

  1. Love the second and fourth caption. He better thank the lucky stars that she is giving him a chance to rethink his nonsensical notions of being an adult. And I hope for his sake his apology is very convincing because that whip looks deadly. And I don't know if the dude in the fourth caption would have done better with his own lawyer. Looks like it's working out just fine for both. He'll be at her feet in the new arrangement the rest of his life, totally at her mercy. Perfectly balanced, the way all relationships should be.

  2. Honey, come here we need to talk. Kneel by my feet, good boy.

    Now you know that I am not one for complicated rules. Obey me and do your chores kind of covers most of what I need from you. I have added worship me, but that's self explanatory I would say.

    You seem to have trouble with answering promptly to the buzzer, ok? I buzz and have to wait, sometimes as long as 3 minutes. That is quite a long time if I call you to the master bedroom to tidy up after I have tried on some new clothes I just bought, don't you think? Last week I was stood there in my undies with five dresses on the floor and no sissy to put them away.

    It is as if you think I should put them away. That is crazy communist talk, you know that.

    Our life is better if I don't have to worry about opening my curtains in the morning or tidy my bedroom or cook or clean or food shop or check my blouse for loose buttons.

    Not too much to ask, is it? No, it is not. Now fetch me a coffee and check my red minidress is clean so that I can wear it on my date with Richard tonight, ok?


  3. Yes, he needs a strong maternal figure like her to protect him from… well, her.

    Many thanks for all your comments.

    Best wishes


  4. Indeed, Ms Zoe. It's not too much to ask – or for that matter to demand. And it's perfectly reasonable to demand that even the most unreasonable orders are obeyed, so really I don't see what Honey is waiting for.

    Best wishes


  5. You have me remembering all the times when young, when I thought I was normal sized down there. And thought I had decent enough technique too. But relationships I thought were going well would slowly fade away. My one special GF used to call me “A little man.” We we’re going good though, and had lots of sex. And I’m not tall, so I rationalized she meant I was just in proportion. When she started dating others, I was upset. (She did married a BBC eventually). I didn’t realize until the internet why things fizzled out with several girls I like.
    Well, love and learn. SaraE

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