Malicious minds

 Don’t you know I’m caught in a trap?


Any specific plans?  Or just an early night… that would probably be best, actually, so you’re all ready in the morning.

But the diet doesn’t have to be healthy all the time, either.  She likes to mix and match, so to speak.  Femdom’s all about choices: having them, denying them, whatever.

 The lovely, wise and occasionally delightfully cross Ella Kross.


Or even a bit longer if she needs it… it’s traditional for a bride to arrive a little late, keeping her anxious groom waiting at the altar.



Wherever she goes, but on all fours and two paces behind, I hope.


It makes my blood boil, seeing the divine Anne being disrespected.  To be honest, it makes my blood boil just seeing the divine Anne, so we’re actually all the way into pulmonary embolism territory here.


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  1. That boss Lady certainly seems assured and in control. No doubt you’ll be doing everything She says… or even hints at!
    Thank you, SaraE

  2. He truly hasn't a clue what he is getting himself into with that chastity belt. He should read the fine print in his contract. It contains a chip so that she can not only track his every move, but can also shock him with upwards of 50,000 volts if need be, so be better do what he is told (and I'm sure it only comes off when she is in that kind of mood if you know what I mean).

  3. Yes, Sara, I think she knows what she's doing. And I think she knows, too, what her new recruit is going to do – as well as what he is not going to do, any more. It'll be a lot of fun for him finding out, but then they do say the modern workplace should be a learning environment, don't they?

    Best wishes


  4. Squawneworder, you are quite right in principle, of course: one should read the small print. However, that's not always possible. When I signed my lifetime contract with my beloved SO, there were over seven pages in absolutely tiny print and when I finally got hold of a magnifying glass big enough to read it, it turned out to be in Norwegian! A language neither of us speaks, needless to say. I thought at the time perhaps she'd just made a silly mistake, for instance by copying something from the internet without checking, but it turns out (Rule 17(b)(iv)) that she is right about everything and I am wrong, so I guess that was incorrect. It'll always be a mystery, I suppose, but in practice as a couple we have no difficulty at all in determining my obligations and her rights in any given situation, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

    Apparently the word 'kastrering' is Norwegian for 'castration'. I discovered that with a magnifying glass and the help of a computer. Life long learning, indeed. I got a bit worried, but as she pointed out: (a) it only occurs seven times in a document with thousands of words and (b) what the fuck do I think I'm doing messing about with magnifying glasses when there are chores to do? She's right about both of those too, of course.

    Best wishes – and thank you again for frequent comments (although SaraE is ahead more recently)!


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