Sustained abjection

She loses track.  Does it matter?

Oh dear, I hate to see women using their sexual wiles to swindle some poor chap.  Why not learn an honest trade like findomming and just take his money in exchange for the privilege of being openly mocked or simply ignored?  Then they’d be using their talents to contribute something to society, you know?


He must be very grateful.


Safety first – sure,everybody knows that’s rule number one in BDSM play, but what’s less often remarked is how important it can be in non-consensual revenge torture too.

People’s definitions of physical sexual intercourse vary.  I use my body to pleasure the lady in my life by writhing around in agony, screaming, occasionally losing minor body parts and so on.  Is that ‘sexual intercourse’, strictly speaking?  Does it really matter how we define the activity, as long as she enjoys it and no harm is caused to anyone who matters?






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  1. The inside of your pants had sex!! Brilliant! (And it didn’t happen THAT often!!)
    Hee hee SaraE

  2. Goodness, Sara, I have just logged onto Blogger and looked to see if there were any comments and… well, haven't you been a busy little sissy? Thank you so much for all of those comments – I will look through and perhaps reply to some but please take this one – the first I am writing – as my thanks overall for the great contribution to the blog.

    I hope you enjoyed your rather extensive CtD catch-up!

    Best wishes


  3. Thank you mr. S! I’ve been away from all blogs for too long. Did I say long, hee?
    Obviously you’ve been inspiring me to be a better sub-male. My Wife hasn’t been cracking down on me enough lately. Just did a bench of vacuuming and laundry, but doubt I’ll get a treat.
    Anyway, Your posts were so good that I just had to comment!
    Best thoughts, SaraE

  4. Hmm, the math seems a bit to complicated for this guy. But I get the general gist: he writes a shitload of lines and gets his bum smashed up with a cane. OK, that's all I need.

  5. Ah, damn… it sounds like you might have cracked the code, there. The secret is that almost all the captions basically boil down to something like that. In its essence the femdom relationship has a beautiful, brutal simplicity that does not need to be sullied with so many extraneous words. Yet sully it I do.

    Many thanks for your comment.

    Best wishes


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