Harsh unreality

Many women are actually very good at verbal humiliation play without even realising it, in my experience.


Don’t forget to shout out your safeword if it all gets too much.  Fire ant play can be quite intense.



He reports to the Chief Prison Inspector for the region, who in turn reports to his wife – whose lover by curious chance, is the Governess of this facility.  But they are all scrupulously independent.




Sookie was doing well this month: got to day 3 without any class 1 faults.  That’s a record.




It might be a while – she has a very high tolerance for pain.




(Oh, and I just thought you might like to see a picture of the Prime Minister of Finland.)


Actually, speaking of politics (as fetish porn blogs so often will), the British Tory party has another opportunity to opt for the smack of firm government and elect Penny Mordaunt.  Let’s hope they know what’s good for them this time.

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  1. I think quite a few ex-public schoolboy (and girl) Tory MPs would get quite the frisson at the thought of being whipped into shape by Mistress Mordaunt…

  2. Ouch, the first woman is so cutting… to the bone!
    The fire ants is brutal too. Reminds me of one of the things I’d most like have happen to me: being staked to the ground in the Summer sunlight. Starts out ok… then worry about getting sunburnt down there especially. Asking for suntan lotion. Then begging for it, and water. Somehow I imagine the only thing I’d receive is some golden nectar…”Take it or leave it!” SaraE

  3. It’s a hot Summer and women are going commando with skirts. She pulls up her skirt and makes you drink her golden nectar whenever she wants. Don’t argue

  4. I must say she does seem rather out of the ordinary compared to most politicians. I've heard that she's compassionate, with a profound respect for the human rights of all but I suppose no one is perfect.

    Best wishes


  5. Remarkably, at the time of writing she does actually appear to be winning. I was going to suggest that it must be coincidence because presumably not many Tory MPs read this blog but then I suddenly remembered what Tory MPs are reputedly famous for and it struck me that quite possibly a great many of them do read thois blog – well out of proportion to the global population who do, anyway. So… carry on chaps. You have nothing to lose buit a bit of self-respect.

    Best wishes


  6. Ideed. Lots of subs get confused about the difference between being able to 'take' pain and really, really, really hating every second of it. The two are quite distinct and a well-secured set of wrists can make all the difference

    Best wishes


  7. Yeah, 'fire ant play' can be a bit of a hard limit for some, but it does take the scene out from those gloomy dark dungeons into the bright sunlight. And it's a natural, organic style of play too.

    Best wishes


  8. Definitely not a good idea to aergue, or you might spill some. And then you'd really be in trouble. I'd say you're bettre off keeping your mouth shut but actually wide-open is the order of the day (or the evening, and occasionally in the middle of the night too).

    Best wishes


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