Praise where it’s due

Actually, in context that word made perfect sense.  Just like the words “worm”, “pervert” and “weirdo” in the various contexts she used them in your last performance review.

Good practice for tomorrow.  Sven’s a bit larger – and I imagine his brothers are similar.

Lucy doesn’t mind.  She’s nice like that.

Easier just to run the sessions in parallel, you might think.  And if anyone paid the slightest attention to what you thought, maybe you’d be right, but they don’t so you’re not.





Then later on, you can clean up the sticky messes upstairs too.  Probably won’t taste as nice, so make the most of this bit.




0 thoughts on “Praise where it’s due”

  1. LMAO at the first caption. He's lucky rewriting it all in long hand is the most she's gonna do to him. Other mistresses would have wedged him on a rack by his undies and lit his ass on fire with a belt. He is VERY lucky to have her. She's nice compared to other women.

  2. Yes, the Raoul one is funny. Well, you know…. I didn’t expect that. Nice twist there… Oooof!
    The kitchen goddess is Riley Reid, if I’m not mistaken. I so adore her vids. Always welcome her! Yes, she could tell me to do anything, and I’d be hopeless to fight it.

  3. She's cvery nice. Not like MIss Felicity, who's a complete and utter bit –

    er – I didn't say that! Complete and utter, erm.. bitcoin enthusiast! Yes. Really into cryptocurrency. And why not (apart from the fact it's an obvous pyrmaid scheme and always has been).


    Best wishes


  4. As for the anal hook, I think we're all lucky for evvery minute of the day we're not dangling from anal hooks, actually. It's very kind of my SO to allow me so much non-dangling time. I am truly grateful.

    Best wishes – asnd many thanks for the comments.


  5. Empowered she is – and she should be. That's what modern feminism is all about: making choices. My SO makes a lot of choices… in fact I'm waiting nervously for her to decide on a couple of things right now, so I'd better go.

    Best wishes


  6. (OK… something weird happened the fisrt time I replied to SaraE's comment, so let's try again).

    Curiously, your experience reading it was quite similar to the real-life experience of the male subject of the caption. He wasn't expecting it, then all of a sudden – oooof! The only difference is there was no twist: just good old fashioned linear thrusts and an occasional rolling circular motion of the hips.

    Riley Reid seems to enjoy giving guys blow jobs, from what I can see of her on the Internet (which is probably a little more than I should!). I like that in a girlfriend. It keeps her busy, leaving me plenty of time to get on with my chores.

    Best wishes – and thank you as ever for the lovely comemnts, SaraE.


  7. S- I’m sorry you had a premature issue with your response. But no fear, it happens here with Riley Reid too.
    My reaction seeing her is running my hand along the front of my panties. I know I should be be better, but…
    Yes, she has a wicked body and a fun attitude. And she’s not afraid to use either. I hope she didn’t distract you from your chores too much! I’ve earned more than a few spankings for my response to her vids, lol! SaraE

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