Destructive criticism

I was about to say they don’t get very many complaints but I looked into it and apparently they do get lots and lots of complaints, but they’re invariably withdrawn later.  Sometimes by the patients themselves, sometimes by their legal guardians if they’ve been declared mentally incapable.  So that’s all right.


Better do what she says.  Really.



You do have a safeword, of course.  Just use it if it all gets too much, and she’ll stop whatever she was doing immediately and do something else.  This, for instance.




Looks like it’s going to be all talk and no action!  What a disappointment.




You know, they gave him equal billing with her?  Sometimes the world makes no sense at all.



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  1. Just do whatever she says. She’s the boss and she knows she is. That gives her big power.

  2. Looks like Dude in the second caption got set up. What was supposed to be a vacation is in fact the beginning of his new life under her iron fist rule. At least she is letting him off with a warning for now.

    *I'd try and escape back to my homeland and warn other men honestly*

  3. She doesn’t want an erection silly people. She wants the old man to get down and kiss her feet.

  4. Indeed, Anonymous, that may well be what she wants. In which case, I am confident she'll get it. "You lookin' at me?" she might say, just in case he doesn't get the point.

    Best wishes


  5. A most unfair accusation, Squawneworder. They decided the holiday destination together – remember? She brought home a big bunch of brochures and started carefully going through each, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each, and planning some interesting itineraries… and then he said 'whatever – you choose' and… well, here they are! Mutual agreement.

    And if he does decide he wants to 'escape back to his homeland'… well, that would only be by mutual agreement too. After all, he's hardly going to be able to get to the airport without his Responsible Female, is he?

    Best wishes


  6. s- yes, they reviewed the brochures together. But although he had some other places in mind, it became obvious they were going to the FemDom country two ways: slowly, and then very quickly!
    I’m not sure I could concentrate reading that chapter with her dressed like that. I suspect a hard spanking would improve my concentration! I’m surprised she just didn’t start with that — yunno, to let him off with alternative private punishment.

  7. Thhe finely dressed woman in the handjob (non)discussion looks like a dream. I Mmmm sure it wasn’t, though! Fantasies are like that.
    Driving home with blue balls (no doubt with some red marks too) will be the end of the night!

  8. She's very approachable… you can talk to her about anything. I won't say she's non-judgmental…. matter of fact, she's very judgmental indeed – but you can tell her anything, she won't be shocked. 'Harsh', yes, 'brutal' even – but not shocked.

    Best wishes


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