Permissive society

Contrary to what many people ill-informed about femdom relationships might imagine, I am not oppressed by my SO, in fact she actually makes a point of bestowing small freedoms on me.  For example, she grants me a financial allowance out of my earnings, quite frequently permits me to speak as long as that privilege is not abused and even (speaking of abuse) permits occasional sexual release.  I’m very lucky that way, as I often find myself compelled to tell her.

Like many submissive men, I find arguing with my SO can make me feel quite uncomfortable – sometimes immediately, sometimes over an extended period of time.

It’s the dreading that’s the worst part, I understand.


Teasing and denial.

It’s the little things in a relationship that really define it.

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  1. It's not something I'd specifically considered dreading, but indeed it doesn't sound very nice. Cooked socks are bad enough, and most pleated garments are larger and thicker too.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  2. Darling come and sit down. I want to talk. Now, I have said I am pleased with how you get on with James. He says you are sweet and make him laugh. That is all to your credit. I really like it when you make an effort and obey my boyfriend's and please them. Well done you!

    Yesterday James asked me if I minded if he took you with him to a football match at Wembley…..apparently it's a World Cup Qualifier. Apparently you suggested it. Now, darling, can you think why this is so wrong on so many levels? No? Really?

    Well, firstly, you don't suggest my lover takes you out someplace, secondly, you don't do anything without my permission…what were you thinking?…and thirdly, how weird is it for a sissy husband to go out with a real man?

    It's ok. I have put James right and we are on track. In fact when I explained to James how stupid the idea was we both had a good laugh. So that is ok? You must apologize to James when he picks me up for a date later tonight.

    Now, do you think you should get away with such foolishness? Think about it before you answer.

    Now stop crying and go and start supper. What are you cooking? Tuna Bake? Lovely.

    I will decide on your punishment tomorrow when I have calmed down and had the chance of a chat with James. Fix your makeup and go to the kitchen!


  3. Your little 'darling' is a very lucky boy to benefit from your loving guidance, Ms Zoe. As is James, although your guidance there is more in an advisory capacity, as far as I can see.

    Incidentally, your advice on sissies and football is topical and well-taken – there's a reposted captioned image going up on this site on Sunday (this Sunday… 11 July 2021… I can't now recall why) that seems to be of relevance.

    Best wishes


  4. Hey honey come and kneel at my feet and explain so I can understand what is going on,ok?

    Let's sort this out. So your brother phoned and asked you to go play golf tomorrow

    Then you said "yes"……is that what happened?

    Didn't it occur to you that you need my permission before you make an arrangement like that?'t! So you thought "I'm a big important guy, I can say yes. I'll just tell the little lady at home what I'm doing tomorrow."

    Is that what happened?

    How dare you? You will be severely whipped for your total disregard for the rules. Now go and ring your brother and tell him that your wife has forbidden you from playing golf, ok?

    Then you can book a punishment whipping from Mrs Green, you have her telephone number.

    After that you can tell me how you thought this would be fine.


  5. I've never really understood the obsession some men have for golf. Or freedom or power and responsibility for that matter. Maybe I am naturally a caddie in the grand game of life.

    Best wishes


  6. Honey, you know I support mens lib. It's just I don't think most men are ready or able to take responsibility for their lives. I mean take last week for example. You rang me at work from the supermarket to ask if I would mind if you bought 2 packs of chicken thighs because they were on special offer. I mean you weren't confident enough to make a little decision like that. Doesn't that tell you something? Like how
    could you decide who to vote for or have any responsibility for finances?

    Any way you can't go to the men's meeting because I forbid it. I was talking to Angela and she told me what Alan had said what goes on. I thought you'd said it was about sharing recipes and household budget tips. Did you lie to me?
    She said there is talk of wanting the vote and the right to stay up after 8.00 pm and also having your name on the house deeds. Is that what you want, sweetie?

    I'm very disappointed in you.

    I suggest you spend this afternoon, after you have completed your usual chores, in writing lines, ok?

    1000 lines of "I am grateful to Zoe for correcting my thinking on mens lib. It should be about sharing life tips with other men. I am so sorry."

    Now get out of my sight.


  7. What's often lost in the discussion of men's lib is that pretending men and women are of equal worth not only imposes undue and impossibly high expectations on men, it also demeans women. I love my SO, and the thought that some people want to see her treated as my equal just sickens me, I'm afraid. I try to be open-minded, but there have to be limits.

    Best wishes


  8. Babe you must hurry up. How come it takes me 10 minutes to get ready including makeup and you take 30 minutes? Now kiss Aaron goodbye and then get into the car. Good boy.

    "Aaron darling I'll see you later. No don't smudge my lippy. Sissy is having his balls removed today and I have to take him. It's such an inconvenience but you are busy apparently. Yes, he's going to be my cute eunuch sissy. Such fun. See you later, babe."

    Now stop crying Sissy. You know this is what I want and that is all that matters.

    Good boy. Be brave for me. I'll be back in 2 days to pick you up, ok?

    You will have lots of ironing and washing to catch up on.


  9. Oh don't worry, Ms Zoe, the clinics these days are quite used to sissies who are a bit… 'gelding hesitant', I think is the approved phrase? Sissy won't need to be brave for long, before he's all securely strapped down and can shriek and plead to his heart's content.

    Best wishes


  10. Look babe, you know you can't vote. Your name isn't on their list. Pardon? I know your cousin in the UK can vote, but they have different laws over there.

    Why this sudden interest in voting, honey?

    You think men sh4 be allowed to vote and don't understand why they can't?

    Well let me explain. You know that you are a sissy without any rights, ok?

    You can't own a house or a car, you can't do anything without my permission and approval and you are locked in a chastity cage.

    The last time I let you watch TV news was when it coincided with me wanting my pussy licked by you because Raoul was out of town.

    So, you would need to ask me who you should vote for if you could, ok?

    Don't worry your pretty little head about it. It's far too difficult for you. Let's forget you mentioned it and leave it all to me. Good boy.

    Now finish your cleaning chores and then prepare supper.


  11. Where are you going, dear? Now you know you are not allowed in the garden without permission. I can't have you just going outside for no reason. Have you finished the washing? What about the ironing?

    Pardon? No you must keep up to date with your chores, stupid sissy.

    Why were you going outside anyway? Why didn't you ask permission? If I'm not here you can ask my daughter, Rachel.

    What a stupid reason. You say you wanted some fresh air. You could stand by an open window for a few seconds, couldn't you?

    Oh don't give me that look, honey.

    I think someone needs a slap. Oh don't start crying, get a grip!

    Come and worship my stinky feet, good boy, feel a bit better?

    I'm sorry I shouted but you know you need permission to go outside, ok.

    Good sissy.


  12. Honey, I promise I really do want to understand. I understand you were upset because no one helped with the Christmas lunch and we had 12 friends and family. You did all the cooking and serving and clearing away. You weren't allowed to sit with us and no one even spoke to you.

    I really don't see the problem.

    Did you really expect one of the alpha men to help?

    You coped, didn't you?

    I know you had some complaints about how slow you were, but I explained to our guests that you are a stupid sissy. They understood, but you can't expect anyone to help.

    That would be wrong in so many ways.

    So, explain what you have to complain about.

    I thought so. Now show me the 12 letters you are going to send to thank our guests for being so kind.

    Good boy!


  13. 1st caption: "But-p-please, I'm not arguing, I'm begging you to let me down. I'll be a good boy and never contradict you ever again, I swear!"

    *He says, dangling from a coat rack, ass cheeks on fire, in an atomic wedgie. She used to give him wedgies all the time in their school days, before she imposed marriage on him. So he knew better.*

    4th caption: Man, that's quite an effective way to punish someone. Can't eat, you'll get in line real quick. Surely he saw the warning signs before he married her. I guess he thought she'd provide the firm hand he needed.

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