Miss rule


usually find that my main thought during ‘thinking time’ is ‘I think I
can’t stand this much longer’ but my SO says it helps and I don’t like
to contradict her.



I think she’s over-reacting. First rule of army life: ‘stuff goes missing’, amiright?




That does sound fun.  Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time – you can have as many goes as you like, subject to any withdrawal limitations imposed by your bank (and you may want to try asking for those to be lifted, it’ll increase your chance of success).


They do other things too.  But mainly that.

I think you’re about to make two lovely ladies very happy.


0 thoughts on “Miss rule”

  1. The police/armed forces Women might have been being upbraided about when Bravo Patrol found him that he HAD two testicles and a penis. If they had done their job properly BP should have found him with less than the 3 piece suite. Femsup

  2. Oh, now come on, Femsup , be fair. Bravo Patrol and others like them do an important job in difficult circumstances. Let's not criticise them over missing some little thing or other.

    Best wishes


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