The ‘any more’ is a bit of a stretch too, to be perfectly honest.

Safety first is the golden rule in a hard whipping scene of course: always remember to thank your domme politely or it can get quite nasty.


Nice to be the centre of attention for once, I suppose.



To be fair, I don’t actually known whether I’d be bad at sex or not, but as my SO so wisely says: why risk it?



Don’t worry: the safety-first rule applies here too.  She’ll make sure she puts the chain on the door and looks out through the spyhole before opening the door to a stranger, don’t you worry.



0 thoughts on “Opinionated”

  1. Ouch! The first woman’s cutting comments hurt more than the second picture! But(t) maybe that’s just me… ;). Dang

    Yes, ike must be on his best behavior in positions like that!

    True shoe one is another great one! Why do I want to explore that now, dammit!?

    Oops, now I can’t remember the others, and am on phone. What a male bimbo!

    Thank you again for all your posts,

  2. Seeing the third picture, I’m sure he can’t resist the joy of kissing her feet.

  3. I used to think that cutting comments hurt more than anything. Then I discovered what a caning actually feels like, and changed my mind. Femdom can be educational like that.

    Don't worry about having male bimbo moments – we all do. It's why we have disciplinary sessions, after all.

    Best wishes


  4. Perhaps not, but she'll certainly resist it so it ain't going to happen. Now fetch!

    Thank you for your comment.

    Best wishes


  5. We who have the vaginas rule over you who have balls. Your balls give us power over you. You men are hopelessly lost without we women and you know it deep down. Men, look into my woman’s eyes, and let me guide you, discipline you, and have severe training sessions.

  6. Holly. I think you mean pussy whipped. My wife, in addition to pussy whipping me, paddles me. She doesn’t like a whip because she likes the tactile feel of her paddle hitting my bottom.

  7. Well, I’ve been paddled, but not canes. Thanks for the warning!’
    And appreciate the support on male bimbo-ism. Maybe why She keeps me!

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