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  1. Most of the times my wife keeps me horny and disciplined but I can’t live without her.

  2. These are superb. Some of my favorites, along with ''Girls with Guns'' and ''World War Z''.

    Thanks my darling Servitor. Zoe.

  3. Simpkins, please be quiet whilst I explain. No, do not come any closer, I can smell the stable horse shit on you from here. The thing is I do not expect you to be anywhere near the house. The clue is in the job title, ok? That is correct ''Head Stable Boy''. I know you are 54 years old, but there you are.

    The thing is ''Boy'' I have noticed that when I go riding you are always nearby staring at my bottom. No, don't deny it. I rather like being admired but not by a stable boy, ok? That is why I am going to watch whilst my niece, Amanda, whips you until you scream. Now she is quite young, as you know, but she is very vicious and loves the sound of the whip on an impertinent boy's bottom.

    I have also noticed that you are a bit tight on the reins of my favorite horse, ''Prince''. You will hurt his mouth if you pull too hard, you know better than that.

    Ok, fetch a chair and put it in the yard in the shade. The position yourself with your arms and legs outstretched against the wall. Amanda will be home in an hour and after we have talked and had some refreshment we will come out to the yard and she can use her whip.

    How many? Well, it was going to be 6 on each buttock. But since you had the temerity to ask I think we will repeat that number tomorrow and the next day. It will be good for Amanda to practice, she is such a sweetheart, bless her.

    You should know it is never your place to ask a stupid question like that. You get what it is my pleasure, and Amanda's pleasure also, to give you.

    Get in position.


  4. Thank you SaraE. But I suspect young Perkins can look after herself – and perhaps the rest of the household, in not the entire estate, given time and a free hand.

    Best wishes


  5. I suppose I could live without my SO but what is life without a little terror?

    And she without me, but those panties aren't going to handwash themselves are they?

    So… call it mutual dependence, call it a union of souls… call it what you like, the contract's legally binding, at least on my side, so might as well just get on with it.

    Best wishes, both


  6. 'Quite young 'but' very vicious, Ms Zoe?

    Not quite sure what the 'but' is doing there. Viciousness, like other feminine virtues, can blossom at any age.

    Give Simpkins a few extra for me.

    Best wishes


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