Hurtful comments

She’s trying to play it cool, but I think we all know she’s wildly turned on by the whole scene.




My SO has a similar scheme: I hand her all my money and do everything I’m told and in return I live a life that is quite frequently entirely free of agonizing pain.  It’s really a bargain, when you think about it.



Glad sissy found a way to keep busy, to take her mind off the situation.




Yes: literally ‘any’.  What would you like him to do next?

Let’s hope he doesn’t react violently, but if he does let’s at least be grateful that no one important will get hurt.








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  1. Love the idea of a "subscription service for your self esteem"……so sweet. Zoe.

  2. She recently beat me because I wasn’t considerate enough. Constant training sessions you know.

  3. Yes. I don't personally need it (my SO doesn't approve of my having any self-esteem and so I don't) but it is indeed kind of her to give him that little boost every single month. I heard of two ladies who've recently set up a service they call "Still got your balls" which allows subscribing males the monthly joy of not being castrated. It's expensive but well worth it.

    Best wishes


  4. Quite right too. Unlike women, men are frequently boorish, lacking grace, empathy and consideration for others. Fortunately it can be flogged into them by a woman with the right motivation to take the time and make the effort but it does need constant maintenance to avoid backsliding.

    Best wishes


  5. My woman has my pants down, over her knee, paddle in her hand, and spank spank. She calls it emotional bonding. I call it pain.

  6. Thank you.. I love the first ignored one. Sooo disinterested and belittling! I’m sure the cum will be puddling in a hand very soon!

    Very smart of Ms. to pretend to lose the key. Obviously one sissy realized that an extra-good cleaning might result in it being found!! Reminds of some of my cleaning activities, in just a bra and panty. So vulnerable as I’m supervised by the Wife!

    Ha “can’t we make him do anymore tricks?” I’m sure they can!! I hope they don’t make him do that “I’m a little teapot “ song and dance again!

  7. Well said Servitor. It’s the Pain and Ecstasy for you guys. We ladies understand that our ecstasy is emotional. Yours could be also Your pain is only physical.

  8. I think you meant: The Agony and Ecstasy. Agony is a better word than pain anyway.

  9. Thank you. My very first domme, a lovely lady I saw for several years who no longer works in this profession, made me do 'I'm a little teapot'. Also 'the wheels on the bus', which has a lot of actions and is surprising hard to get exactly right. Not an enormously interesting story, I suppose, but (unlike much on this blog) actually true.

    In fictionalised format, though, she carries on as she is the Mistress Valerie (along with her friend 'Sandra') of some of my early tales like these two, which I adore:
    The Elves and the Dominatrices and
    Rewards and Penalties

    'Sandra' even watched the 'little teapot' show, giggling away, if I remember aright.

    Best wishes


  10. Thank you very much for your response including those stories. I’m humbled (though that not hard. Wait, I don’t mean he’d hat way!!).
    Seriously, first those are great stories. Love learning of your Mistress and her friend. Those are nice stories. They mist have liked leather, lol!! And the hypnosis (ha, was humpnosis!) of having to say things like you have a little cockette, like to squirt in your panties, and get spanked in response to store/cab interactions is especially exciting, er, it appears! 😉
    Though I must admit, your initial comments about teapot dance and school is song probably caused much of my emotions right now.
    The teapot video (was it VHS?) is one I’d love to see again, for it flipped a switch inside me about depraved humiliation. A man and Woman made their lesser female friend perform it, with the Dmme making cutting comments. I would love to see it again!
    And I must try to find the moves for wheels go round and round now! I got sick of that song with kids… but I’m this context, now I’m excited to hear it again!
    Many thanks,

  11. 2nd Caption: "My SO has a similar scheme: I hand her all my money and do everything I'm told and in return I live a life that is quite frequently entirely free of agonizing pain. It's really a bargain, when you think about it."

    And this, is how the Matriarchy started. Women took control of the wallet and forced submission of all men. Not gonna bite the hand that feeds them, pays the bills and keeps a roof over their heads. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  12. Yes. There wouldn't be any point in my having my own money, as it would still belong to her if you think about it, albeit indirectly.

    Many thanks for your continued contributions, Squawneworder.

    Best wishes


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