Unrestrained elegance

A truly service-oriented submissive would have one ready, anticipating her needs.




They say Paris is the city of lovers.  Maybe she’ll have a several, while you’re there.



Don’t worry, the whip’s just for show.  Well… I mean, it’s mainly for the slaveboy, obviously.  But in this context, it’s mainly for show.




You’re very much at the bottom end of it, obviously, but part of the family nonetheless.

Skirts are much more convenient, as I can personally attest.


0 thoughts on “Unrestrained elegance”

  1. Yes Mistress I am fetching the whip right away but you look so comfortable there, please, please can I attend to your glorious legs first and ensure they are as smooth as can be and then maybe I could get the perfumed lotion you love and massage it into your legs while you lie there and relax?
    (and maybe then she will drift off and forget about the whip…)

  2. Love the romantic Paris trip and the mother in law…fabulous darling Servitor.

  3. Honey, come and kneel at my feet, please. Good boy. Now explain to me the rules about you having opinions, will you?

    That is correct, you only have opinions I have previously approved. Ok, good!

    Now, that having been agreed, can you explain why at the dinner party we have just come home from you were talking to William about the Ukraine situation.

    No! No, don't say a thing. You were playing the big alpha man and saying how you think Putin is so misunderstood. You were being a very naughty little boy. You were so wrong to dare to speak like that without my approval.

    Do you know what I think about it?

    No, of course you don't because I have not told you. I know that William asked you, so you felt you needed to respond. You were both being naughty boys. William's wife, Rachel, wasn't happy with him either. She hadn't authorized him talking about Putin either.

    Ok. What you will do is write on your "little kitty" writing pad to Rachel saying you are sorry for speaking about politics without permission. Show me what you have written, ok?

    Good boy. The matter is now closed, but it will be a further 3 months until I consider time out of your CB5000.

    I am really annoyed, babe. You know how I feel about you having opinions. You sounded like a real idiot. Like a child saying something to see what his mommy will do or say.

    Now go start preparing supper. Good boy!


  4. Thank you Zoe. Yes, I think the pictured wives loved the romantic trip – and Mummy too, of course. I've heard their husbands were less keen, at first, but each came round to his wife's way of thinking, of course.

    Best wishes


  5. I realise this is a little hypocritical of me, just having put a post up on Ukraine, but IO do agree that subbies should stay out of politics. I'd go further and say that one of the reasons is that such discussions can easily lead to talk of nonsense like men's lib but there at least I think I'm safe enough as I've never really been tempted by thoughts of equality.

    Best wishes


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