Her husband, her rules

She doesn’t need any limits, so why would you?



Actually, the disciplinary spankings can also be part of a healthy, active sex life, as long as it’s understood that it’s not yours.





It’s a day to express gratitude, so don’t forget to do that. Oh – and to count, too.




Don’t worry: ‘the good bit’ goes on for a long time.

When she says she ‘doesn’t believe a word of it’ she means the story, obviously.  She fully agrees with the statement that was actually tattooed on.


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  1. I did think when she said "we need to get rid of it as soon as possible" I thought She meant his maggoty penis. Just so others couldn't tell how small it had been.

    That nibbles one is super scrumptuous and I might have posted that burdizzo moment form that wonderful film here. If not it was on another site. You know when he is taken in to be castrated for a birthday present for his Daughter. What Woman wouldn't want to heighten the pleasure at that point. Many would want it throughout that wonderful film. Femsup

  2. I understand they did the film in one single take as well, which takes some careful planning and must have come as a relief to the understudy, who later went on to play the starring role in the sequel.

    Best wishes


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