It’s a tonic for the troops!



Women, eh? Sometimes there’s no pleasing them.  You try to apologise, and they just run you over with a tank anyway.  Still… I guess we wouldn’t have them any other way, eh chaps?


Cathie might need a new lawyer in her stable.  She gets through slaves quite quickly – doesn’t look after them properly, truth be told.

She has a plan.
 This is the delightfully delightful Miss Tiffany Naylor. ‘A dominatrix based in Milton Keynes.’ To be honest, for me that’s a hard limit right there.  But it would be worth it, to meet her.

I suppose there’s little chance of either being a blow job? No? Worth asking…

I suppose any Radio 4 listeners amongst you will want to point ou that I got the apostrophe in the wrong place.  Radio 4 listeners are like that.

The rest of you have no fucking idea what I’m talking about, have you?  I don’t know myself sometimes, to be honest.

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  1. The last caption did rather make me giggle. I sometimes catch that on R4 on a weekend. Less so since my car radio broke.

    Aaaand that's quite enough R4. Lovely set of captions as always, seems like you had a good summer!

  2. Every hour should be women's hour. If anyone would ever ask me, I expect I could nominate quite a few interesting topics and potential guests for it. But no one ever does – it's always "Have the finished the ironing yet, servitor?", "Why are you still here, servitor?" and so on. Women, eh?

    It can be hard to type with just one hand, can't it, Ian? Feeling better now?

  3. Thank you very much, Joanna. I always like the thought that I might be making readers giggle. Hope you get a new car radio or some such (do people still have car radios? I thought everyone just plugged in iphones).

    Quite a good summer, thank you. But you can't necessarily tell from the captions. Many were done a while ago. I write them when the muse strikes me and store them, then dig out five per post. I could have completely different interests now! But I haven't.

  4. Oh don't worry, Freddie, we cater for all sorts here. As a matter of fact, I've been asked to work as a consultant – unpaid, of course! – on an upcoming story arc involving Alice Carter tricking Brian into a visit to the Other World Kingdom, of all places. At first, this brings them still closer together, but then some long-kept secrets are revealed under duress, and… well, let's just wait for it to be broadcast, shall we?

    I've a copy of a publicity still for it somehere around… ah yes, here it is:

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