Making babies together

Hey there!  Morning
  How ya doing?
You want to ring a doctor? Oh!  Why?  Is something wrong?

Awww… not too personal to tell me, surely honey?
Not gonna tell? OK. Let me guess. The end of your prick has swollen up and it’s
red and sore, right?
  And you’re feeling
kinda woozy?

Uh huh.  Well, I know
what that is.

What!??  No!  It is NOT a sexually transmitted
No, it’s much more beautiful
than that. We’re going to have a baby!
Well… I am.  But you’re going to
hatch it.

Remember when we fucked last night, and you felt a sudden
sharp sting at the end of your cock?
Well, that was me! And it wasn’t a sting, it was an egg-laying
  And right now my lovely
little daughter is all curled up inside your cock, ready to grow.

No…no, don’t try to leave, honey.  She wants to be with her Mommy.  And if she senses we’re growing far apart,
she’ll release more of the paralysis toxin.
The only reason you’re conscious is that I’m here.  She only needs to do that for a few days,
  She’s got filaments spreading
along your nerve fibres, and when they reach your brain she can take
  You’ll be free to move and
speak and stuff, but she’ll be in charge.
That way she can keep you safe as she incubates and feeds.  It’s like being carried around wrapped in a cushion
of your favourite food!

Hmm?  Oh, about nine
months, rather like you humans.
burrow up into your torso in about a week or so, though, there’s not enough
flesh in your cock to sustain her for more than a few days. She’s got feeding
tendrils that’ll spread throughout your body… muscles, liver, lungs.
  She’ll take a little from everywhere, try to
keep you alive as long as possible.
  Your brain’s probably going to be last on her menu – it’s kinda yummy but if you eat it up too quick, the host dies too soon.

Anyway, have some of this fruit. You’re probably hungry,
  That’s her as well, trying to
fatten you up.
  I’ll fix breakfast.  You want some
  I can do pancakes, the old-fashioned way.  With maple syrup!

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  1. I know. Who would write such a horrible thing, eh? Goodness, there are so many sick perverts out there.

    OH, I'm sorry. I mean THANK goodness there are so many sick perverts out there.

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