The love of women and the fear of women.  I have both conditions.

Hmmm… She’s merely disappointed, not repulsed. I’ll consider that as progress.


It’s a sacred bond – or a device for getting the housework done, depending on whether your finger’s on the button.


Don’t worry: he’s very professional.  You can be tied tightly naked over his trestle, and no matter how horny he’s feeling, you won’t have a thing to worry about. Well, except the savage beating you’re about to receive, obviously.


…and she does mean everywhere.
She’ll track them down. She’s very persistent. Anyway, can’t have feral males running about the place can we?


0 thoughts on “Gynophilia/gynophobia”

  1. woman on last pic have nice costume)) but that boots not good for snow under feet at all

  2. She does. If only there were something around she could walk on like a carpet, to keep her boots from having to touch the snow.

  3. leather ladies on second pic from the end — looks so perfect. i like how the light reflected from black smooth leather mmm

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