Beaten senseful

She’s got a very playful personality.

This blog does like to feature male doms and sadists from time to time, in the interests of balance. 
Oh not the legs as well!

 When ‘the mess’ has been tidied up I’m going to be launching a formal complaint.  Think she’s in trouble now? Just wait.

Don’t tell her that Mistress Hilda’s new boy has been branded with her initials… you’d never hear the end of it.

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  1. Черт с ними, с 17 убийствами и 97 тракторами! Но портить плакаты вождя – за такое… за такое… В общем, за дело и получил!

  2. They don't really need tractors, of course. There are much more *interesting* ways of propelling ploughs around. But it's the principle of the thing.

  3. I'm a big fan. As long as she looks like Amy Adams in Night at the Museum 2, anyway. So he deserves everything he gets, the rat.

  4. Please "feature male doms and sadists" in the way you have featured it in the second picture more often.

    Mentioning the genders of the dominant kind equally concerns me too… And if there are pictures where dominant people discuss their methods – including some practical demonstrations – it suits all.

    Maybe with the exception of the male doms… but who cares.

  5. Who cares, Concerned Citizen? Oh dear, that's not an attitude I can support. I mean, those two ladies in the picture care, for a start.

    Despite their arrogant image and their – frankly bizarre – views on proper gender roles, male doms have feelings too, you know.

    If you prick them, do they not bleed? If you suspend them and hang heavy weights from their nipples and genitals, do they not scream and beg for mercy? If you abduct them and subject them to a brutal re-programming regime until they accept their status as sissy maids, do they not weep tears of remorse each night as they hang up their uniforms and put on their nighties?

    Do they? I don't know. Let's find out, shall we?

    PS, in the spirit of reaching out, I actually ran a whole post featuring male doms not so long ago. Obviously, those whose femdom is deeprooted will want to look away, but it's here if you’re interested:

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