I’ve been a very bad wolf.

Actually, there’s a funny story about this one.  It turned out there were no fewer than three Miguels on the beach!  So as you can imagine things got a little embarassing – and of course we soon ran out of condoms and beer, so I had to run back to the shop. Still, it all worked out OK in the end.

You can cary an orgasm donor card, you know: ‘I want to help someone come when I die’?  Not that it really makes much difference, but prior consent is a thing with some people.

I think he’s looking at her funny now.  Some men never learn, huh?

And the evening, and the next day too, if need be. One wrist can outlast a great many bottoms, as any schoolmistress will attest.

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  1. Well, yes, I imagine you would get in trouble for that, Furc. If you fill your little head with all that men's lib nonsense you'll never be able to remember all the important stuff about the right washing temperatures for different fabrics, or the latest tips for economising on the housekeeping, now will you?

    And speaking of money, I am certainly saving up my pocket money to go and see Ocean's 8 in due course. Any film with Herself and as many as seven supporting actresses is worth saving up for in my book!

    Now, I'm going to go and lie quietly in the dark and not at all think about being Natalie Portman in her little dress. Excuse me…

  2. Yes saw the poster on the underground and immediately thought of you Servitor. How I smiled at how you will be jumping though hoops to get the good mark from your owner to be allowed out to the cinema. Is the poem the teacher is writing a "Century Of Beatings" by the generations of males and the Female teachers. Very sensible of those two Lasses doing the scientific experiment though to be thorough they should have a control case maybe secured in a coffin shaped full length case. Femsup

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