Future (im?)perfect

I know you all prefer the visions of a matriarchal future under the loving but firm hand of the divine Anne, but this blog is merely a place to record the facts and my time viewing device thingy does seem more and more often to indicate the coming of an altogther darker time. 

That said, this future is only dark, bleak and brutal for males.  So as far as human rights for actual humans are concerned, things are looking pretty good!

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  1. Thank You, Servitor! And my preposition. Level 4 of speech restriction: cut the tongue! The guaranty that speech restrictions will not disturb!

  2. Nice sting in the tail and a smart one. I think a nice trip to the doctor for the IQ reduction helps calm the over questioning male mind.
    The male libbers were having to many mass debates and its safer if they are supervised by a whip wielding guard in a re education centre. Who says that these type of captions are unrelentingly harsh on male animals. Look at that caring owner with her property consoling him for losing his rape equipment. Brilliantly subtle and classy pic of the male libber being put to good use with just those high heel shoes and the Woman's feet showing.
    Great rules on speech restrictions but we must make sure those with hearing difficulties (often from clouts round the ear) and blindness (getting to close to a sharp stiletto heal) can understand when and where they are in effect. Femsup

  3. Very kind of you to say so. And thank you for commenting.

    But let's not have any more of the comments giving your phone number and email, seeking a Mistress to train you, OK? I deleted the ones you put up. It's obviously not going to work and it's not so very interesting for other readers of the blog.

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