Give way to oncoming women

Or “yield” as I believe the Americans would put it.

You might imagine your life would be harder if you really cut down on spending on yourself – but actually, it will be much, much harder if you don’t.
Oddly enough, the most unpleasant-tasting thing a domme has ever made me ingest in session was something that was actually intended to be food: a jar of cheese and cauliflower babyfood. No wonder babies learn to talk so quickly, if that’s what we’re feeding them.
No, no Brer Fetish Model … please don’t make me clean out your sweaty latex!
Good thing you’ve got something to do to take your mind off the humiliation of what’s going on upstairs.
Fortunately I’m largely immune to SPH as my ego is even smaller, if such a thing can be imagined.
Yes: blame yourself. She always does, so why quibble?

11 thoughts on “Give way to oncoming women”

      1. With no penis but with balls he is overcome with sex drive but can’t cum and pees like a girl. Torture.
        With balls she could still do “Repeated soft kneeing of balls” where she feels her bare knees repeatedly kneeing and squishing his balls until he drops and throws up with swollen and maybe ruptured balls.
        Or balls could come off with penis, and he would be a eunuch, your pet eunuch.
        Women have such feminine power over men that eventually he gives way to what she demands.

  1. I “yield” to you.
    I “yield” to the ladies.
    Yo cedo a las mujeres.
    Gracias. Thank you

    1. Sometimes spam is worth keeping. I love the idea that this blog ‘motivates others’. Certainly, some of the ladies who feature here are very skilled in motivational techniques.

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