And he received them with a strange delight

Just like his wife but how she was before the tears

It took me a long time looking at this not to see her as having one incredibly long right leg and a weirdly mis-shapen left. But maybe that’s just me.
My SO always says if I behave like a child, she’ll treat me as a child. Which to be honest is a lot easier than how I’m treated when she decides I’ve behaved like a lawbreaking dissident in a totalitarian state.
Oh, I do hope she does.
He’s actually a sweet guy… he just gets a bit tense at times, that’s all, especially if he’s not getting enough sex. You’ll adapt.

Lady Darla, there, one of many reasons to visit Warsaw – and stay there indefinitely.

He’s quite the expert on school canings, Headmaster Bob, so if they’re a bit slapdash at first, I hope he’ll advise them on technique.
Even if they knew, few if any would care.

18 thoughts on “And he received them with a strange delight”

  1. In new country I learn that it is a growing trend, for after the honeymoon, for her to put a cock cage on him, and for him to give her a new female vibrator.
    I see the sales of both items are increasing much in new country.

    1. It’s fortunate the new country allows easy immigration, as I suspect its population will not grow much by so-called natural methods.

      Best wishes


  2. I don’t get the new country joke, but gift a vibrator (hitachy, clitoris sucker…) To a brideA allways have been something topical

    1. Indeed. My SO (see below) was given various kinds of vibrators by almost all mt ex-girlfriends when we married, usually accompanied by short notes of sympathy. But their fears were misplaced: in fact, she’s had a rather active and fulfilling sex life since marrying me, so much so that the noise sometimes keeps me awake. But I’m not complaining.

      Best wishes


  3. Like the
    “-your wife screams during sex?
    -sure, sometimes I can hear her from the supermarket..

    1. One my SO’s was a nymphomaniac whose orgasm went on and on for a very long time. She broke many things

      1. But when she got her period, she would beat me painfully. Heaven and Hell in one package.

        1. I hope your walls were well-insulated against sound, Alberto, for your neighbours’ sake. Imagine living next to that racket.

          best wishes


    1. You are correct. A very masculine man can be manipulated by a woman, but only if the woman is very self confident in her female powers

    2. No indeed, Maria, but if you want to tell him how much you despise him at the same time, it’s probably best to find one in need of a good ego-crushing. Although perhaps all men are… just that a few of us know it.

      Best wishes


      1. If you want to crush his ego, then it must be a man with ego.
        And it is not the only thing that can be crushed

  4. Headmaster Bob came into our Maths Class with his Responsible Female, Chloe. He didn’t usually enter a classroom as his job was in the Admin Block, where he worked for the Headmistress, Mrs Black.

    He is called Headmaster as a joke because males cannot be in a ‘lead’ position in the Gynarchy.

    ”May I speak to the girls, Miss?”

    ”I am in the middle of a lesson Bobby dear. This had better be important. OK, speak.”

    It wasn’t either important or urgent. I think it was about parent’s parking their SUV’s near the school, or something like that. Our Maths teacher, Chloe Wainwright, wasn’t happy and I suspect Headmaster Bob was later slapped. He deserves it, anyways.

    Later, as I walked down the corridor Headmaster Bob was walking towards me. As I approached he stopped, faced the wall and stayed still until I passed. As I walked by I slapped his bottie and told him to stay looking at the wall for the next hour.

    Life in this school is good, as the girls are in control.


    1. Zoe
      Do you think putting cock cages on the males makes then more submissive to females ?

    2. That does sound good, Ms Zoe. I don’t see anything wrong with Headmaster Bob’s title: he can be the most powerful and important man in the school, after all, as everythign is relative.

      Men can become obsessed with trivial things, whether it’s parental parking, their pocket money or – obviously – orgasms. Sounds like you showed him a firm hand and I’m sure that’s what he needed most of all.

      Best wishes


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