Owning him

When your Mistress is a perfect 10, it’s only fair that you have to be graded too.
And we don’t ‘bob’ so much as immerse and hold down.

Oh, if there is one Lady I’d love to see again, it is Lady Sophia Black. She lit our lives up like a, like a… hmm… comet? No, something brighter. Like a flamethrower, then retired too soon, too too soon.

She’s focused on what’s important in the relationship and you should be too.
That’s an interesting question – let me ask you one in return, preferably on my knees, with my paws up like a begging dog.
He has an excellent retirement plan and one day she might tell him what it is.
She also likes to play “this little piggie”, especially the bit about shrieking all the way home.

6 thoughts on “Owning him”

  1. New saying in old country goes something like: “ Ignoring a woman makes her a volcano”.

    1. What a lot of sayings they had in the old country, Alberto. Wise words… perhaps that’s why they were wise enough to leave and go to the new country, wherever that is.

      Best wishes


  2. It would of course be utterly pointless, and probably confusing to Sissy to explain how the points and grading system works. Just as long as she knows, everything will be all right and maybe, just maybe, sissy will reach his orgasm score one day

    1. Sissy has to trust Mistress Nata about the calculations, it’s true, Melissa. Sissies and maths don’t really get on… for my part, it’s often quite a stretch just counting to 24 when I’m strapped across the whipping bench, but my SO makes allowances for my errors to make sure there’s no chance I’ll miss out on anything that’s coming to me, so that’s all right.

      Best wishes


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