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  1. What if a man with severe social anxiety signed up for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat his anxiety but he accidentally signed up for the other kind of CBT and his social anxiety is too severe to let him back out when he realized the mistake

    1. Incidentally, there seems to be a problem with the commenting system. Even though I always check the “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment” box it does not actually save that information.

      1. Oh dear. It should be OK… I very occasionally get the same sort of thing commenting at Femdom Resource, as if it reset. But rarely.

        Does anyone else have this problem? If not, it might be a curious browser thing.

        Best wishes


    2. Then it can only do him good, I’d have thought, Curiously. Sometimes one needs to try new experiences, and many men might be put off ‘cock and ball torture’ by the name. If they end up agreeing to a session by mistake – or several sessions – and discover it’s just as horrible, or perhaps worse, then they had imagined… well, then the world would have become a slightly better place, no?

      Many recipients of both kinds of CBT find it changes their attitude to life profoundly, so it’s silly to get hung up on the differences between the two approaches.

      Best wishes


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