Wise women

…and the unwise men they look after.


Mmm?  Oh.. yeah, sure.




Ladies!  An object lesson in the importance of not having too much removed when your submissive goes in for an operation.




For such a powerful, self-confident lady, she has surprisingly narrow limits.

A few days later, when he was fully recovered, they gave him the eleven Tic-Tacs he won over the course of the evening.  What – did you think they were lying to him? No: they play fair.



My domme takes schoolboy sessions so seriously that she makes me take GCSE exams.  Usually, I do OK, although anything worse than a B can be quite painful.    Last year, though, because of Covid, grades were awarded on the teacher’s assessment of competence, so I was barely able to walk after receiving my ‘results’.

0 thoughts on “Wise women”

  1. Now now mustn't try to equate loss of too many brain cells with the loss of testicles or a penectomy. Femsup

  2. I suppose you're right, Femsup. For one thing, the two types of operation are likely to have opposite effects on male IQ.

    Best wishes


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