And the Government shall be upon her shoulders

Sir Reginald Horner

Knelt in the corner

Worried about his career.

He feared he’d be late

For the Budget debate

But his Nanny was keeping him here.

In the House, with disdain

He’d rise up, to explain

That an increase in Health Service pay

While undoubtedly right,

Was not on, in the light

Of the fiscal position today.

Nanny Strict, with her feet up

Read, over her tea cup

Her paper: the politics page.

She was thinking of days

Lost in memory’s haze

 As a staff-nurse, on minimum wage.


So she picked up her tawse

To prepare for a course

In arithmetic: “Stretch out your arm!”

“Take a nurse’s base pay (thwack!)

Then take taxes away (thwack!)

And you’re left with a hot stinging palm!”

“Here’s another quick sum

Take one fat fleshy bum

Add twelve strokes from a long rattan cane

Then if feeling contrition

You can check your addition

And add up the budget again.”


All the MPs were stunned

By Sir Reggie’s new fund

To pay nurses twice what they now earn.

Then he winced as he sat

And they wondered at that

What had led to this sudden U-turn?

“I just felt nurses’ pain”

He explained, in the rain

Interviewed, by the TV and press.

“This award, you might call

It… a ‘tribute’, that’s all

I could not sit at ease giving less!”

The rest is just history:

Whatever the mystery

That changed his decision back then.

All the experts agree

 That this speech was the key

To his new house in Downing St: ten.


As PM he has access

To experts on taxes,

Defence, Home and Foreign Affairs.

But he likes to defer

For the last word, to… ‘her’:

To his ‘Special Adviser’ upstairs.

Now every decision’s

Thrashed out with precision:

The smack of firm government’s here.

Yet bad luck for the Right

(Who should cherish the sight):

It’s the Nanny State that they so fear.



0 thoughts on “And the Government shall be upon her shoulders”

  1. Thank you, kind of you to say so. It started as a single-verse version of Little Jack Horner and then rather got away from me…

  2. Tired of seeing this political drivel here.
    Can't wait for a poem about a marxist-leninist submissive who believes the state should own everything but it's punished by her Mistress who has a very successful business as a dominant woman. Or that a Mistress who had a grandfather killed in poland by the soviets. Or whatever stupid excuse you can imagine.
    Alas, I suspect that will never happen.
    Time to stop visiting this blog.
    Up yours!

  3. Ah well, the blog's obviously not for everyone. Indeed, I would expect the great majority of people to dislike it, as femdom and BDSM is a minority interest and that has never worried me.

    Your reasons are different but of course equally valid for you. We are all different, after all, including having different political views. Fortunately it's a big Internet and I'm sure you'll find things out there that are more to your taste. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog up until this point, anyway.

    Best wishes


  4. Ah, you may be right. Always best to assume the best of people. So many people do seem to get angry with complete strangers on the Internet, that I assume that's what's happening here. And there have been a few grumpy comments lately, oddly enough (I find it odd, anyway – why do people feel the urge to tell me if they don't like something?).

    Not that I dislike contemptuous and dismissive comments. Indeed, in certain circumstances I shell out a lot of cash for the privilege of being subjected to them… by a certain Special Someone anyway. Or would do, if I could travel. Maybe that's why there's so much grumpiness around: people just not being spanked enough.

    keep on keeping on, Femsup. Sometimes I feel you and I are the only sane ones left. Which is quite scary, when you think about the weird stuff we're into.

    Best wishes


  5. Yes its nice to know we are brothers in bound arms. I am sure this minister voted to curtail freedom of Femdom expression on the internet. Femsup

  6. My SO has always said my freedom of expression is absolute, as long as I don't abuse it by saying something she disapproves of. She was several years ahead of majority Internet opinion, as far as I can see, as lots of people seem to think that, these days. Personally, I have no opinion – or if I have got one, I have not yet been told what it is.

    Best wishes


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