Come closer honey that’s better…

A favourite line… She presents a gardening programme on BBC nowadays.  Strange but true.

OK, now more of this:

OWK pony playtime
She has a great sense of humour, Mdame Sarka.  I’ve commented ont his before, I think.

Cheerleader humiliation yum
Actually, Brad’ll be spanking you anyway, as part of the performance.  But there’s time enough to find that out later, when you’re in your cute little outfit.

Forced bi eventually
Edward certainly is, after all.

Heels and palms
The stigmata help you contemplate the divine.

Medical femdom gone mad
Of copurse, it’s not quite at the same time.  I think the castration’s first.  So if you really hate it – don’t worry. A bit later on, maybe you’ll be losing those bits of your brain that hold the memories.

0 thoughts on “Come closer honey that’s better…”

  1. Have you seen "Ice Pirates"? The movie's only so-so (at best), but the castration scene really stands out. Assembly lines processing an apparently endless number of male political prisoners . . . strapped to conveyer belts, stripped of their clothes, and shaved by female employees before being castrated and lobotomized. If you haven't seen it yet, its been posted to YouTube numerous times.

  2. Remarkably enough, I have seen it, or rather I have seen that clip on YouTube. Funny how quite hard femdom can appear in the most unlikely places. Personally, I find that sort of thing much more of a turn-on than material specifically written to be female domination porn.

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