Would you lace my shoe?


I think she might secretly be seeing another man. That or she’s engaged a cleaning service. Bad news, either way.

But I don’t have speaking privileges with Kate just now.  This doesn’t seem fair…

Maybe you could be more specific, next time you’re feeling horny – in about three weeks’ time or so.

I think teenagers should take on responsibilities – for household chores, for example. My step-daughter’s been supervising the way I clean her room and make her bed for over a year now, and she’s done a really thorough job.  We’re thinking of giving her responsibility for the way I do her laundry and ironing too.

Amen. The original of course is here.

0 thoughts on “Would you lace my shoe?”

  1. Oh, step-dad of young girl is very hard "profession"! But nobody asks him!
    Thank You, Servitor!

  2. Give them an inch and they take a mile. So if they can start accumulating measurements early they should be far beyond us males. Femsup

  3. I was going to make a joke in response about not having many inches to give… but maybe that is inherent in your comment already, Femsup. Thank you for commenting, as always. I have just been on Freddie's site commiterating about the lack of commentatoratorators but you got an honourable mention from both of us.

    Incidentally, why not register with Blogger so you don't have to type the name Femsup? I think I may have asked you that before. You don't have to use your real name. I mean, I use mine, obviously, but you don't have to.


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