It gives me a sense of enormous well-being

Know what I mean?  Warning: vanilla video after link that has nothing to do with femdom and is thoroughly safe for work. Do not click if that sort of thing offends you.

And they say sex offenders have nothing to contribute to society!

… and don’t even think about the matinee on Saturday…

It’s particularly cheap for fit young men, if they let her do it without any anaesthetic.

When I was a teenager I used to have this dread that girls would be turned off by my very small penis and would refuse to have sex with me.  Silly really, now I look back on it.  The very first girl I ever went out with explained that penis size is just irrelevant – for someone with a face as ugly as mine and such an tedious personality.  So that was a relief.

It’s completely irrational to be scared of spiders. Spiders can’t really hurt you*. Girls, yes: they can hurt you**.  Be scared of girls.  But not spiders.

*    Except in Australia
**  Especially in Australia.

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  1. I love them too. More on the way. Thank you for commenting, houseboy. Try not to get shot by accident during any raucous femdom gunplay scene now, OK? Remember: guns are not toys and when loaded should always be pointed only at the ground or the nearest available male.


  2. I remembered the other half of this post…. it took me ages to find the link to Park Life and suddenly thought wouldn't it be easier if women had a sort of hover over glow or an underline or something for when you were stroking the right spot? It could save a lot of beating. Just saying…

  3. OK, now I get to enter first half of the post as it obviously didn't get through that "I am not a robot" thing. (HAL9000 never had this trouble, though thinking about it the whole dialogue would have been a bit stilted, wouldn't it… "Open the pod bay doors, HAL." … "Prove you're not a robot. How many of these pictures have an alien entity someplace near Jupiter in them?"…..) Rambling again. Oh yes,.. good of you to put out food for the pidgeons and sparrows but with that rifle she could hit a wren at two miles. Are you sure she's not just using you to put out bait?

  4. Are the links hard to see, then? I sometimes wonder about that… whether anyone out there is puzzled about why I suddenly use the word 'this' in a sentence.

    I suggested your idea to my SO and She just laughed and said She prefers the traditional methods of guiding me as to her wishes. Plus, apparently none of her lovers do have any difficulty finding the right spot, it's just me. Still, worth mentioning.

  5. First half second and second first. Quite right too Freddie – otherwise how would people know we're perverted, twisted weirdos?

    I tried a series on robots once – anyone interested needs to click on 'rise of the sexbots' in the cloudthing.

    I like the idea of a femdom version of one of those 'proove you're a human' (oh, and train our AI so we can make billions off it, while you're at it, if you don't mind) things. "Click on every part of the boot that is dirty and needs licking. Click on the latex until it is polished to a mirror-like sheen…"

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