When sorry is the hardest word to shriek

It’s not really ‘permanent’ damage anyway, is it?  I mean, not permanent permanent.  Just to the end of the boy’s life, which is obviously less for the older, over-25 models. Quite a lot less, in some cases.

I’m sure she’ll let them know when she’s good and ready.

Masturbating while looking at pictures of her on the Internet definitely puts you on her fail list too. Sorry.
Hmm… Haven’t heard anything about kissing the bride, yet. Perhaps that’s the surprise she has in mind.
Unfortunately, the thing I’m best at is quaking in fear.  And she doesn’t seem to want that.  Not for this role, anyway.

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  1. Oh, wedding… How it's… excitingly! Old tradition, new ritual! But… kissing bride… At what part of bride's body kissing?

  2. Oh, the bride will be kissed all over her body. Little delicate kisses at first, then increasingly passionate and intense, moving up her thighs…. quite a ceremony, I think you'll agree. And as the proud new husband, you get to stand next to her and watch! You might want to get a cloth or something to wipe the best man clean too, as he tends to get overexcited while engaged in that sort of thing.

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