Contemptuous liaisons


Looks like only one person in this relationship is making any effort.  That’s not a formula for long-term happiness.



Why are so many women so imprecise when it comes to numbers?  They say things like “only for a few hours” , “in a few weeks’ time”, “a few dozen, and then maybe the same on your thighs”…  when did ‘few’ start to have such painful connotations?




She’s a perfectionist.  I hope you are, too.




The teddy bear is only a temporary expedient while she buys you a blow-up sex doll.  She’s just trying to choose between the ‘Sven’ and ‘Muscle Man’ models.


She makes a compelling argument, you have to admit.







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  1. And who would you make a complaint too? The piss trading standards. And would you want to make a scientist who would be a woman test such stuff? Femsup

  2. I think the narrator wasn't actually planning to make a formal complaint, Femsup, just whinge a bit, as the lovely lady said. It's OK, she can handle that herself.

    I have never had much success with formal complaints. Ages ago, I remember seeing a complaints desk, staffed by a lovely young lady, in a large department store, so I went up and asked for some, but she didn't seem too interested. After much pleading on my part, she eventually made a token gesture of telling me my nose was too big, I have an irritatingly whiny voice and my ears stick out in a funny-looking way. But you could tell her heart wasn't in it. Why provide the service if they're not going to do it properly?

    Best wishes


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