Your saintlike face and your ghostlike soul

It’s easy to tell when someone’s smiling, even behind a medical mask.




Original sins, so to speak.  Ho de ho.




Now here’s a lady with an original approach to BDSM. It might seem surprising that a bee-keeping outfit can actually be more scary than the traditional leather uniforms, but believe me: once you’ve experienced that kind of play, you’ll agree that it is.

She got accustomed to having her own way when they were all encouraged to stay in character on-set and she’s never really readjusted to the real world.  Probably best to humour her.  Her  entourage do: that’s why they got you.



Like many guys I vividly remember the very first time I totally failed to have sex with a girl.  She was rather sweet about it, actually, which in retrospect is a shame, as if she’d humiliated and mocked me, I might have got excited and been able to rise to the situation.  Oh well… it was very special, anyway.


0 thoughts on “Your saintlike face and your ghostlike soul”

  1. As ever, very well done indeed. Uselessly I shall add that you have a rare knack as a wordsmith and an ability to really make things engaging. Whether experience or augmented reality, pure fantasy or twisted events. That is all, just unmitigated praise, sorry.

  2. I think you'd better ask the smiling nurse in the first one. Castration isn't certain, admittedly, but she has strong wrists.

    Best wishes


  3. Not useless at all, Joanna, as it makes me feel happy and proud. Fortunately, I know a few ladies who are good at taking me down a peg or two (or seventeen, even) so that won't last long. But it was very kind of you to comment.

    Best wishes


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