Yes, just imagine how awful that would be. But don’t imagine too hard, or the spikes might start digging in painfully. Oh – too late? Sorry.
It’s amazing how modern technology can take the drudgery out of life but to a sufficiently determined woman, there’s still plenty of drudgery to be found.
I expect it’ll turn up eventually… and while it’s missing, you might even find out you could have done without it all along. It’s often that way.
Oh dear. And her feet too! Sigh. Scurry.
Don’t be so selfish – or possessive. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to get out of that last habit, now you don’t have possessions.

6 thoughts on “Enigmatic”

  1. My wife used to leave the key in her desk at work all week in order to avoid temptation. Eventually she started forgetting to bring it home for the weekend. Then they moved her to a different office.

    I wonder who ended up finding those keys.

    1. Maybe it was Andy Halfway, Tom.

      Oh, you’re always welcome here. But I hope some day, someone takes it upon herself to lead you on the painful path to righteousness.

      Best wishes, you vile and contemptible blasphemer.


      PS, how tempted was your wife, exactly, anyway?

        1. Yeah, it was like that for me with cigarettes. At first I had to hold myself away from them by sheer willpower but over time it just got easier and I found myself thinking about them less and less. To the point that today if someone were to offer me a cigarette, I think I’d just laugh and tell them I have no need for that disgusting habit. But most of the time I don’t think about smoking – it just doesn’t exist in my life and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

          I expect your wife feels much the same about your orgasms.

          Best wishes


  2. Like the lingerie and chastity caption, although I would have ended the wedding night one slightly earlier (not really a cellar fan). Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Mr A (or new Mr A or whatever).

      Yes, lingerie and chastity just go together like cream and scones, don’t they? Or like brutality and marriage. Speaking of which, I understand the bridegroom shares your aversion to cellars, so I hope he’ll tell her how he feels about her wedding night plans. She’d want to know, I’m sure of it.

      Best wishes


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