Never underestimate the power of male stupidity

It’s a force of nature. So are these ladies, fortunately.

Ah yes: trigonometry. That’s all about how much longer diagonal lines are than horizontal ones, isn’t it? And they’re a lot more painful too, if they overlay the earlier ones.
As the famous quote goes: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of irritating subs who need to learn their place and not question their Goddess.” Or something like that.
I once told my SO I thought she ought to pay more attention to my opinions, but I stupidly chose a bad moment for it: apparently it’s rude to talk to someone when they’re sitting on the toilet. Fortunately, I don’t think she heard what I was trying to say.
Many men find corner time a frustrating waste of time, but I’m usually happy standing there: thinking of all the things she cares about that I’m not fucking up during those hours.
It’s OK to cry. Which is just as well… I don’t know how I’d cope with marriage if it wasn’t.
So did they. Until they didn’t. Anyway, line-writing can be part of a loving female-led relationship: I should know, I’ve written that out hundreds if not thousands of times now.

16 thoughts on “Never underestimate the power of male stupidity”

  1. I use corner time and writing lines as part of my Max’s routine.

    Corner time is a good punishment because it reminds him of his disobedience or naughtiness or laziness without me being involved,

    I can even go out and leave him with him with his nose in the corner.

    Writing of lines is more problematic as it takes him away from his chores, potentially.

    ”Max, if you have finished your chores, you may make a start on your two hundred lines. Do you remember what you are to write?”

    ”Yes goddess, it is ‘I must not give back chat or smart remarks to any female ever.’ Ma’am I do love you so much.”

    ”I know you do, honey, and I love you. But you mustn’t be ‘big mouthed’ and answer me or my mom, or my friends, back. Do you understand?”

    ”Yes, goddess.”

    Max went to his room behind the utility room and worked on his lines.

    One of my chores is to ensure a good service from Max by discipline and ensuring he is efficient and obedient.

    I cane him when he needs it, I guide him, I advise him, I punish him.

    My priority is to lead a good life, with a well run house.


  2. It has been a busy week and Max, my sissy slave husband, has been somewhat neglected. This often happens, especially when there are tight deadlines.

    Max understands, but he does whine when he misses me, poor lamb.

    I came home on Friday at 8 o/c pm after a lovely supper date with an old friend from uni. I met her after work and forgot to tell Max I would be late.

    Max was furious, but as a sissy couldn’t say anything. I could see he was upset by his expression.

    ”Whatever is the matter, Max. I have been home late before, what is so different. I saw Ali, from my uni days. You like Ali, don’t you?”

    ”I am sorry goddess. I was worried, I didn’t know where you were. I have a steak pie in the oven. It isn’t fair when you don’t let me know, goddess. I am sorry to speak out of turn.”

    ”Have you finished?”

    ”Yes, ma’am.”

    ”You do not speak to me like that, OK? You are my sissy and you fit in round my life. I am sorry you were worried, but I was so caught up in the last minute arrangement with Ali, and hearing her gossip, I forgot to tell you. I should have told you, sorry babe. Is your goddess forgiven huh?”

    ”Yes, ma’am. of course, goddess.”

    ”Good sissy. Now fetch the cane, you need reminding who is sissy and who is goddess.”

    Max was caned with six hard hits after which he cried and screamed.

    A good day I would say.


    1. Sounds like a good day for Max as well. Advice and assistance from his goddess – six hard times, even!

      Many thanks, as ever.

      Best wishes


    1. Max is a bit old for Alpha Male School. He is not an Alpha either.

      He is the sweetest and bestest sissy you could wish to meet.


  3. Yes, security cameras are good discipline devices.
    They can be used to make sure a boy maintain a posture, or to be sure he is doing something, like, for example, masturbate 2hours , slowly

    1. Are you the Maria that cages a man’s cock, and then with your nude pussy, dances around your victim, night after night, making him repeatedly a leaking mess, until he is finally reduced to a submissive beta man?
      These men ultimately provide you with a nice life.
      More power to you!

        1. Security cameras can contribute to a false sense of security, though. My SO accused me the other day of stealing a biscuit and when I suggested that ‘Servitorcam’ would show I had been chained up in the cellar the whole day, I got whipped for ‘answering back’ as well as for the theft.

          Which is actually very fair, as I had answered back and that was wrong. When she later remembered she herself had had the biscuit, as a quick breakfast substitute while rushing out of the door, we had a good laugh about the whole thing. At first it was just her laughing, but then I felt compelled to see the funny side.

          Best wishes


  4. She who must be obeyed gets very annoyed if I don’t position myself correctly and I spill some. It’s really hard though with my eye mask on. I’m working just with proprioception and sound. I have to be so quick to adjust. I swear sometimes I have it absolutely right and then the stream comes out in an unusual direction and I end up soaked, followed by sore. I’m such a disappointment, as I am so often told. She is a force of nature.

    Nonny No

    1. When she’s pissed off, open my mouth wide and swallow. I hate it especially when she’s eaten spicy garlic food. YUK!!

      1. Asparagus… that’s the one to avoid, I think. Theoretically I mean – obviously, I wouldn’t dare avoid anything, in reality.

        Best wishes


    2. Now, Nonny No, if she didn’t help you see the error of your ways, how would you learn?

      I’m glad you didn’t suggest it’s her fault for not aiming. That kind of sexist blaming of women is far to common in our society. As my SO says, the right place for an ashtray is mid-air just before the cigarette butt hits the floor, and the same is surely true of a toilet.

      Best wishes


  5. Caption 1: She has a 99% success rate with her students for a reason. So he should be more understanding of her methods, bend over, and take his beating. He WILL pass her class, come hell or high water.

    Caption 2: Maybe he should worship harder, and do better muff diving abd she’d release him.

    Caption 3: If he’s in the corner, means he’s not fucking things up. At least this way he’s spared from a beating. He should think of it that way.

    Caption 4: But what do I have to do to earn an orgasm? This wasn’t stated in the marriage contract dammit. It just saud I had to be a good house bitch for you!

    Caption 5: I agree that line writing can be part if a loving FLR marriage. Better than a spanking or a wedgie at least.

    1. Agree with all of that, Squaw, except maybe 4 which sounds a little impertinent.

      Perfect attitude on 3. When I’m caged, cornered or tied up, my rate of fucking things up drops dramatically. Not to zero, but I do seem to become a lot less irritating, which is one of my life goals.

      Best wishes


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