Mislaid gratification

I hope the poor things manage to find something to amuse themselves with, without any men around.
My SO gets very angry about how widely accepted it used to be to tell sexist ‘mother-in-law’ jokes and I can’t say she’s wrong. I wish I could go back to the 1970s and just explain to those ‘comics’ how much pain their thoughtless and unfunny insults could cause.
In case you’re wondering how four fully grown women can stand on someone’s back without causing unacceptable injuries, there is of course a trick to taking a photo of this kind of pose: they used a male that no one cares about.
OK, that’s ‘the little talk’ over then. See? I told you she’d listen.
Don’t worry, he’s still going to pay for a steak. And leave a nice big tip (200% is standard, but his Mistress was feeling generous that night so she rounded it up to an even 1000).
Sometimes lifestyle changes can be the best way to deal with a bad back, but if you don’t get to decide on your own lifestyle, obviously that’s a non-starter. Incidentally, after this photo was taken the stupid baldy twat you can see kneeling down there had to be whipped for not expresing enough sympathy for her poor old Nan. Men can be so unfeeling.

5 thoughts on “Mislaid gratification”

    1. She said you don’t get any. And furthermore, since she earns the money, if you don’t do your chores and obey, you’ll be kicked out penniless on the street.

    2. Some keyholders prefer that their boys don’t have any kind of fixed routine, Mr Mouse. So if and when they are awarded an orgasm, it’s a surprise. Certainly if my SO were to tell me tomorrrow, that would be a surprise. A very big surprise indeed.

      Hope you see… it’s all about hope. Crush that and everything else follows.

      Best wishes


  1. Nowadays women laugh their heads off at male erections. More and more Women make men beg for chastity.
    She makes a man grovel for the privilege of serving her.
    What have you done for your Woman today is the constant question.
    It’s not sexy for males, but it’s becoming the new world order.
    Women are united and giggle together, because Females rather enjoy the male predicament.

    1. I just think it’s good they can see the funny side. I’d rather be laughed at than… than… well, almost anything really, as I’m a humiliation fetishist.

      Best wishes


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