10 thoughts on “Pointing turns”

  1. I thaid, pleath be carethul. I’ve accidenthally trapped my tongue under your heel.

    1. So easily done, Mr A. I think many a lifelong romance must have started when a lady gigglingly removed her heel that had been accidentally trapping some handsome young guy’s questing tongue. With my SO and I, oddly, it was more the other way around – she only stamped on my tongue after we’d been making polite conversation for a while but it was nonethless a… a… oh, what’s the word? Oh yes: ‘turning point’.

      Best wishes


  2. This Alpha woman rides in on her horse. Then then beats me with her whip. This gives her much pleasure. She then tells me that I should enjoy giving her such pleasure; after all it’s my role to serve such an Alpha woman in whatever way she wants. I dare not argue with her logic.

  3. ”Max, honey, come and kneel by my feet. I want to talk.”

    ”My friend, Igor, is coming round this afternoon to collect any stuff he has left here. I think there are some CD’s and his pink shirt.”

    ”Yes, goddess. have you broken up with him?”

    ”Yes, darling. It was all too much. Now I will be at work, so please if he asks you any questions what do you say?”

    ”I say I don’t know, ma’am.”

    ”Good boy. You may worship my feet as I read this letter from my solicitors.”

    Max kisses and sniffs my feet. Worshipping me and them. Good sissy.

    I go off to work and am very busy all day with meetings and finishing reports with tight deadlines.

    I may let Max sleep with me tonight. He is such a sweet boy, I don’t always appreciate him sufficiently.


    1. Sometimes also known as a dominatrix ponytail. And just look at the images of Goddess Anya Taylor Joy in today’s post…

      Best wishes


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