Those uncomfortable conversations

Try not to pity her boyfriend too much, abject slave to his desires though he is: he doesn’t know any better, poor soul.
How reassuring.
Don’t worry: she’s not really going to change her name to Mrs Pencildick. As a matter of fact, her husband’s the one who’s going to be legally changing his surname. To hers, obviously, although she is considering making him change his first name officially to Pencildick, or some such, at the same time.
It’s the same algorithm that sends you all those dick enlargement emails. Oh… you thought they were just spam? No, they’re very carefully targetted. Most other guys don’t get them.
When setting up a session with a new domme I usually ask her to treat me with utter contempt and disdain and I have to say, my experience has been that they’re all startlingly good at it. Sometimes I don’t even ask and they still get it right… I guess experienced dommes develop a kind of sixth sense for what their clients are looking for.
He obviously survived to a ripe old age… imagine him keeping the book all those decades, turning the pages occasionally to reminisce over his days under Miss Rathbone’s loving tyranny, only for the book to be sold to a second-hand shop after his death. Still: looks like it’s found an appreciative home.

…and just a little bit of found femdom to finish (do hurry up and finish, won’t you? Your wife will be back soon and you don’t want her to find you like this). More divine Joy. who has done this many, many times before and she totally, totally knows

10 thoughts on “Those uncomfortable conversations”

  1. So is it one of those pencils with a rubber on the end? Just wondering…..


    Nonny Mouse

    1. Oh those sweet darlings. They want to free men from thinking about sex all the time by putting guys in chastity. It’s better than losing your balls; you are still a man, but think of the freedom because you are not chasing after women all the time Moreover, the ladies like masculine but non-sex driven men. She of the picture says she admires those chaste guys.
      Pity those sex driven men who are slaves to sex.

      1. Yes, there’s no one freer than a slave. Sounds like a contradiction butif you think about it, a man who isn’t a slave is only ‘free’ in the trivial, superficial sense of having money, not being kept on a chain and being able to do what he likes, without asking permission or being whipped.

        And what kind of freedom is that?

        Best wishes


  2. I was relaxing after a tough week at work, in the TV lounge. The door opened and, crawling on his belly, Max entered.

    ”What are you doing, honey? You know you are not allowed here without permission. Go out!”

    ”High goddess, you said I had been a good sissy. Please may I worship your feet, please.”

    Now, normally, I do not negotiate with Max. however, I was feeling in need of a man and relented and let him come near.

    ”Now sweetie, I am going to let you worship my stinky, smelly feet. OK? But that doesn’t mean you don’t get punished for daring to enter here without permission, right?”

    ”Yes ma’am. of course.”

    I watched my soap with Max sniffing and kissing my feet. They were sore and needed washing, but he was in heaven.

    One of the interesting things about living with a sissy slave is that they are so easily pleased. Max is such a good boy, but he would risk a caning for the chance of being near me. Sweet.


  3. I was in bed with darling Max.

    We were both hot and sweaty and I had reached multiple orgasms from his skilful tongue. He was, of course, in his CB6000 chastity cage.

    I promised he would be let out of his cage regularly, but I have been so busy it hasn’t happened for a while.

    I don’t feel guilty, as he gets to sleep with me.

    ”Max, sweetie, you better get a shower and get ready for your day, OK?”

    ”Yes, ma’am. Thank you for letting me stay with you last night.”

    ”Pardon? Oh that is OK darling, you are such a sexy babe. Now hurry up!”

    Max went and had a shower downstairs in his area behind the utility room. I had a long shower and got dressed for work in my grey pinstripe skirt suit with pantyhose and heels.

    My make up was light with just a touch of foundation, blusher, mascara, eye shadow and with red lipstick.

    I drank my coffee and ate my toast as Max busied himself in the kitchen.

    He always tries to stay busy in my presence. He hates being elsewhere, he craves my attention. It drives him crazy when I ignore him, sweet lamb.

    I rushed off to a busy day with a big presentation to the board of directors this afternoon. I am enjoying the stress, it does pay very well after all.

    ”Bye, Max. Good sissy. See you tonight, honey.”


    1. Max desires you so very very much.
      He is so affectionate to you.
      He listens attentively to you.
      He submissively leaves the sex decision up to you.
      He willingly obeys and submits to you because he is overwhelmed with love for you.

      1. Indeed, Alberto. Thank you as ever, Ms Zoe, for your accounts of lucky Max and the boundless patience and understanding you show the naughty little sissy.

        Best wishes


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