Love conquers all

So it’s best to offer unconditional surrender.

He will. Happy place.
He needn’t worry that his session tribute will, increase, though: instead she has a completely different financial model she intends to apply.
My SO told me on our wedding night that our intercourse had lasted almost exactly 45 seconds too long for her to enjoy it – which I thought odd, as it had only lasted 45 seconds in total. Just the first of many misunderstandings, but we’ve come to understand one another very well now.
They won’t be fresh of course… in fact, by then they’ll probably be rank and fetid. Yum. I hope she’ll warm them up, though. Nothing worse than cold sweaty socks.
I’m sure if she could bend the rules on this occasion, she would. But she doesn’t make the… oh, hang on.
And afterwards it’s easy enough to keep you tight by just moving up one strap-on size each time. It’s surprising – and a bit uncomfortable – how big they go. But Anya has strong pelvic muscles, as she says, so that’s OK.

15 thoughts on “Love conquers all”

  1. My new bride had to ask me how long it had taken. She was too busy reading to watch. I doubt she would have fitted in that tiny Italian bathroom anyway.

    Oh, those glorious ten days of free love, I remember them so fondly. So much beauty and porcelain white porcelain. I thought my sexual adventure would go on forever.

    Still, that’s honeymoons for you, and with a typically selfish male attitude too. As was pointed (and beaten) out over the following few months and years.

    We are so much happier now.

    Mr Mouse

    1. Sounds idyllic, Mr Mouse. They say it’s unrealistic to expect a married couple to spend their lives treating each other the way they did on their honeymoon, but my owjn marriage provides a counter-example. While in yours, by the sound of it, things just got better and better.

      Best wishes


  2. I’ve just remembered her name, thank you so much for stirring up these wonderful memories of my youth.

    Lucia Lavatorri, how did I ever forget you?

    The physical punishment will have helped, I suppose.

    Oh, La Dolce Vita. If only I were still strong enough to take it.

    No Nonny, no.

    1. Oh, I think I’ve heard of the Lavatorri family. They were great patrons of the arts during the Early Renaissance, right? Da Vinci’s Lady Peeing on the Rocks and Raphael’s Adoration of the Urinal were both commissioned by them, and I believe the latter actually features Lady Lucretia Lavatorri, known as ‘La Puzzolenta’, although obviously that can only be a matter for speculation as her face is not visible in the finished work.

      Or maybe that was someone else entirely.

      Best wishes


      1. Tsk…. Art historians! When they get the scent of a good story there is nothing that can stop them expounding, expanding and extrapolating. Just the merest whiff and off they go, making a fountain out of a foothill.

  3. Oh but Lucia!

    If only you had seen her in those first flushes of her burgeoning sexuality, as I did……

  4. And her almost equally beautiful younger cistern, Luigia. A little noisy for my taste, though obviously vivacious……

    Such glorious days….

  5. The intercourse was mercifully brief, but too long for her. So she reduced the time to zero seconds. She say to me to worship her very beautiful pussy and keep my dirty penis locked up. Best not to argue, as when I did I wound up with a very sore and bleeding rear end.

    1. Yes, women can be impulsive like that. Nowadays I take much longer than my SO to reach orgasm – I have to work hard at it for weeks at least, usually months.

      Best wishes


  6. My ugly penis stays out of her wondrous vagina. Anya pegs me to develop her pelvic muscles. Best to be useful to her. Sometimes I cum in my cage, which makes her laugh.
    Either way, I say: “Glad to be of service to you”.

    1. Laughter can be an aphrodisiac, I’ve heard, so it’s probably best to avoid it when locked tightly in chastity. Still, reading this blog should be safe enough.

      Best wishes


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