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Naturally, as a high-profile influencer, I get sent all manner of free materials, although regrettably few outright bribes. Most of this stuff goes straight in the bin, or is pulped and force-fed to me, depending on my SO’s mood, but I thought some of the upcoming book titles publishers are pushing might be of interest to those few of my readers who do more than look at the pictures and flick the ‘page down’ key with their spare hand. So, without further ado (what is ‘ado’ anyway?), here are some of those publishers’ blurbs.

I don’t have any information on the likely publication dates for these titles, but they should be available in all disreputable bookshops, so just keep an eye out.

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    1. Gabriel Rider has the knack of making his readers feel they’re actually there. People often gag, reading his books, and there’s a rumour that Silent and Stinky, his novel set on a largely female-crewed WW2 submarine, forced to remain submerged with the crew desperately working away at hand-pumps as the sweat and CO2 levels rise… anyway, it’s rumoured actually to have induced vomiting. I’ve heard the movie rights have been sold but they’re having difficulty casting the laundryboy character.

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