The day she bought the cane

And you know I feel no sorrow.  (Warning: video is SFW and unrelated).

Sounds like there’s a good mutual understanding here of what’s important in the relationship.

Sequentially or concurrently?
I dunno… when I do a schoolboy session I can barely concentrate on maths enough to count to six.  Which is unfortunate, because I usually have to do that quite a lot.

Raoul likes to take his time over things. Not like me – I’m very quick to get things finished, if I’m given the chance.

She used to be a dominatrix – the pay was better but there’s so much more job satisfaction this way.

Isn’t that a lovely spanking bench, by the way? Ages since we featured one of those here.

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  1. there I was minding my own business, thinking, Carole seems like a very nice lady and wife, and then there you go, he's back!
    The one and only Raoul, oh the things us submissive beta cocked* males end up having to for the likes of Alpha big cocked** males like him, for her!
    Can I take it he's back for the festive period, oh how I've missed him, the one and only Raoul!
    kindest regards, no one of importance…
    * more a cocklet really, on the rare occasions it is out of the chastity cage she keeps it safe in, the entirety of it fits in her palm (& she has small hands)
    ** what she calls a proper sized cock, footloose & fancy free, never been caged, always ready for more; it's measurement being over four hands…

  2. Goodness, our minds think so much alike. Maybe it's because I am no one of importance either. But there I was, just this morning, putting together my Christmas post (24 December: available in all good porn stores and also on the Internet) and there's a little seasonal rhyme in there that happens to feature the Caudillo of cuckoldry himself: Senor R.

    So that's something to look forward to. In our otherwise bleak and pointless existences.

    Do keep commenting. I don't suppose she gives you many opportunities for doing anything better, so why not?


  3. and the thing is, I bet, Senor Raoul doesn't give such no ones of importance, like our good selves; even a second's thought in the pursuits of his, and her pleasure.
    or indeed, how each morning, after staying over, how his shirt is always washed & ironed, his shoes cleaned… Senor R is simply such an Alpha Male such things are just expected.
    Whereas, she is much more considerate despite our lack of importance; she fully appreciates the importance of orgasms to all males – beta and Alpha – so always takes time for some 'we-time', sharing her experiences of nights and/or mornings filled with orgasms and how they feel sooooooo good… which always confuses me from the get-go, as she talks about orgasms in the plural…
    kindest regards

  4. Oh, I couldn't agree more! 'Introspection'? He doesn't know the meaning of the word. Or 'empathy' either. Actually, there are quite a few words he doesn't know the meaning of… 'instantaneous', for example, or 'apparatus'. But he has other talents.

    Women, you're right, have much more empathy. They can tell when someone is hurting inside… that's why female sadism can be so much more complex, delicate and unpleasant than the male kind.

    I believe that 'orgasms' can be a plural word but it's one of those irregular nouns: the feminine ending takes an 's'. You can write a sentence like "He enjoyed multiple orgasms" but it's nonsensical, like Chomsky's famous "colourless green ideas sleep furiously" or saying "I was right and my wife was wrong". Just makes no sense, even though each word is clear. The meaningful only way to use it in a sentence with a male subject is something like "He enjoyed her multiple orgasms" or "No more orgasms for you, boy."

  5. very nonsensical for beta's of no importance… but the feminine empathy you highlight, makes that otherwise bleak and pointless existence so much richer, well it certainly helps this beta through endless rounds of menial chores, I'm sure you know the sort too, the ones Senor Raoul probably thinks magically happen (that's if he even gives them a thought at all!)
    i look forward, in beta excitement, to reading about how Senor R enjoys his festive period (i find living vicariously through the exploits of Alpha-Males like him and those other brutes of his ilk, makes my little locked up appendage twitch and leak – something I have been taught to appreciate and be grateful for. so i am, sure you understand…)

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