Spankable moments

If the other maids don’t mind, why should you?


Paying €200 per hour only enhances the humiliation of line-writing or corner time, I find.

And don’t forget that a spit-roast is charged at anal rates at both ends.

They say size doesn’t matter, but even fully lubed up I find that it does.

It’s symbolic of something or other.  Most things are.

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  1. Regarding the first picture: I wouldn't mind to be a houseboy in that household, especially not with such good looking maids and that wonderful lady.

  2. Well it might be described as simply bollocks. Except he hasn't any. However he can still talk bollocks and might have literally been fed them. Femsup

  3. We welcome Sanna Marin the Daughter of a Lesbian couple and the Mother of the next generation of Matriarchs Her own Daughter. She has been voted in by Her progressive Social Democratic party in Finland and one day hopefully She will lead a Female Supremacist one.,2,6


  4. He might. In which case I would undoubtedly still publish them, as that's what we do around here. Everything's symbolic of something else, really, even me. You're symbolic of Femsup and of funny, kind comments.


  5. They don't have any openings for houseBOYs as such. Might you be prepared to be a bit flexible?

    Thank you for commenting. Now get back to the scullery.


  6. That reminds me of an odd job I had a couple of years ago. I was working in a professional kitchen and it was my task to put the dishes into a dishwasher and the put the cleaned stuff away. There were also some hot waitresses there and given the fact I was handling all kind of utensils, and hence spankings were actually on my mind…

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