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Once again, it is time for this blog to salute the heroines of World War M.  They fought for freedom – and slavery as well, obviously.  Honour them, remember them. They served so that we can have a long and happy future of service, too.

If you liked these (and if you didn’t, why are you still here – are you one of those weird masochists, or something?), you might also like this.  And if you’re from a really small country with a tiny, insignificant little army, you might also want to consider declaring war on the Netherlands.

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  1. That last one is fantastic, it's the epitome of what I find fascinating with your World War M series. This overwhelming desire of us males to protect and self sacrifice to save females. A form of extreme chivalry if you like, a women and children first kind of thing. Thank you again for this caption, very well written and an excellent concept. Mines are great but grenades are fantastic as well as opportunities to protect women go. Oh and how can we forget the subbie who lied down in front of the soldierin to provide her with a place to secure her gun and a shield to protect herself ­čśÇ

  2. Or the two subbies who linked their bodies together to provide a mini bridge in the hand to genital fighting in those Mutt tower blocks. All those Women with their heavy packs and boots treading all over them but holding out till the last soldier had got Herself across.

  3. Yers, I thought you'd like this post and I'm glad you liked that last one: I did too. Machine gun rests, mine clearance units … I don't think anyone could deny the heroism of the subbies in those roles (I'm talking here about volunteers, not male-dom prisoners carrying out such activities unwillingly). But you know, even males in less exacting duties such as laundry, tampon or cleaning boys did their bit even if they ran fewer risks (although in some units, laundry boys who screwed up could end up in a lot of pain, so it wasn't all frills and frolics, believe me). Even those boys who welcomed home the conquering heroines often had to take the consequences of the brutlisation of war – sometimes for years afterwards. There are 'good boys' everywhere, if you know where to look, and even some of those who weren't so good during the war have learnt to regret their actions and to lick the hand that feeds them.

  4. That's kind of you. Unfortunately, they've decided that a better priority for you right now is digging trenches in a hostile fire zone, but they'll be sure to bear your preferences in mind if and when you return. You ship out at 05.00, subbie.

  5. Yup. It must have been just awful for them.

    And don't believe those stories that the ones handcuffed wrist to ankle weren't volunteers too. The girls from the Engineering Corps just put those shackles and chains to link them together to provide more structural stability, that's all. Works amazingly well – they've even managed to get vehicles and heavy weapons across one of these 'chained subbie' constructions, although inevitably that causes some wear and tear so they don't do it unless absolutely necessary.

    I heard that in the combat engineer training base just outside Hathaway DC (District of Cynthia), they still keep a bridge ready-chained for swift deployment. Although I guess it's only used for training exercises in these more peaceful times.

  6. Ha, I am not certain I would call it heroism. It seems to me that the subbies who volunteered to enlist for the front were more than happy to take the brunt of the damage intended for our heroines. I imagine that after a subbie was called by his mistress, when inevitably a spot was required to be replaced in the line of subbies dancing through the minefield, it would shed tears of joy while kissing her muddy boots, reporting for duty at her call of "next male". As it crawled, pointed to its destination and position in one of the empty spots of the line by its mistress's kick between its legs, it would be glad that enlisting involved the removal of its genitals, otherwise that kick would have hurt a lot more. It would jump over the remains of the subbie it was replacing ignoring its cries and screams, still with its pink socks on what remained of its feet, it knew that the salvage team were on their way to collect the organs that would save the lives of several women. And as it finally started its dance, the subbie would gleefully think of the soldierins it was protecting, of the civilian women that would be protected from the violence of the males and of the little girls still in school, who would grow up free of male oppression and knowing males only in the position the Goddess intended for them. It would happily sacrifice its life for them, be their shield and do its part as a good male subbie to protect them from harm, it thought, as its little pink socked feet danced above the sand.

  7. Its comforting to know that they are kept ready in their cell but hoping they never have to do their duty. Femsup

  8. Yes. The weapons are locked away, never to be used but always kept in a state of perfect readiness for action. It must be frustrating, but it's for the best.

  9. And those who have served still have the marks of the links of the tank treads upon their bodies. I well remember the live televised medal ceremony. Those medal were pinned on the subs naked chests and also on their genitals. Femsup

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