I do a lot of snivelling.  I feel it is an under-rated and much-maligned activity; you rarely see the word used in a positive context.

It is truly better to give than to receive, my SO always says, a particularly relevant thought to bear in mind in this festive season.
Go on then… let’s get it over with…
Which nice things to buy, maybe?
He always wanted to be considered ‘statuesque’. Now he will be.

To experience an after-life you have to have had a life, so I don’t think this is what my future looks like.

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  1. Yeah. Technically speaking, of course, it wasn't actually an angel. Angels take the souls of the departed loved ones upwards to eternal bliss while thge beings awaiting subbies have… let's just say other purposes at other destinations, OK?

    In fact, the Almighty is remarkably vengeful, quite unlike the kindly being most Christians imagine. It's probably because She's pissed off about being depicted as an old guy with a beard, all those years. Raoul will be OK, though. She likes having muscular types around Her in heaven, while avidly watching what is being done to the rest of us, far, far below.

    Thank you, too, Alex!

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