Goodwill to all women

It’s that very special time of year.  The holly and the ivy… both actually almost as unpleasant-tasting as all the pine needles I have to eat off the floor, but it’s a tradition and I can’t argue with that.

Nothing particularly Christmassy about today’s captions, though – just the usual rubbish.

I’m going to have a go at writing some snip-lit some day.  They say write what you know.

When we engage in medical roleply, my SO likes to use actual medicines.  She gets a friend who works in a hospital to give her stuff that they’re throwing out because it’s near its expiry date.  Says it makes it more realistic.  I don’t suppose there’s any harm in it.

My wife came multiple times on our wedding night, I’m told.


She read somewhere that husbands and wives should always agree on financial decisions, so she wanted to make sure he was OK with it first.

The video basically just consists of cut-scenes.  (Sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself)

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  1. Bit of a serious question:

    Is there anything you would consider seriously good castration literature, outside of the realm of fantasy? Can you make any recommendations?

  2. Serious castration literature? Hmmm… well, there are the classics, obviously. The scene in Oliver Twist in which Mr Bumble's… erm… 'bumble' gets caught in the mangle being powered by teenage orphan girls on the treadmill and the noise of the workhouse is too loud for them to hear his desperate pleas for them to stop. Or the bit in For Whom the Bell Tolls where Maria and Pilar capture a young fascist soldier. Or the other scene in the woodshed in Cold Comfort Farm… Of course, most modern editions simply omit those elements, which I consider dreadful prudery that ignores the authors' original artistic vision.

    But I'm afraid this blog doesn't really do serious. Including in this reply. Oh all right: Abelard and Heloise is a historically true love story featuring castration, but not in a particularly erotic way. Especially not erotic for poor old Abelard, but it didn't dampen his spiritual ardour.

    Good of you to comment, though. Hope you enjoy it all, despite the silliness.


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