Tread softly, for you tread on my…

…actually, modesty forbids me from saying what she was treading on.  Let’s just say that she crushed my hopes and severely injured my pride.

That should take your mind off the pain from the ring she just put on you.
Has she ever considered just walking around the horse shit?  I mean, that would be so much more considerate, right?
Yet another example of a failure properly to consider Rule #18, here.

So much better to resolve these things without having to involve the insurance companies.  Paying and fucking off is actually one of my favourite femdom activities, so it’s even a bit of a turn on too!

Men in this day and age have to realise that there is nothing inherently humiliating about being financially dependent on a woman. The humiliation, if any, is all in the way it is done.

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  1. He was very sensible about the damage he had made to Her car. He had been day dreaming about a possible release date and orgasm promised a few weeks ago by his Wife and wasn't looking where he was going. The damage he did to the bonnet of Her car in the car park was a heinous crime. But being a male and not being allowed to drive he doesn't quite appreciate the rights of Women to drive as safely as they please. Femsup

  2. Males are a valuable resource and their energy can be applied to help the superior sex and improve society. So helping ex Wife or ones Mother or former Mother In Law is to be expected. Femsup

  3. I want to make clear that I'm not one of those extreme female supremacists who thinks men should not be allowed to drive. Indeed, many men look rather cute in peaked cap and smart little shorts, driving their superior to whatever liaison she may have arranged, then scurrying around to open the door, with a deep bow and a cringe in anticipation of a crisp slap.. Of course, driverless car technology is likely to eliminate much of that role, so the actual driving might not be necessary in a few years time, but there's still plenty of door-opening and cringing to be done. People say that jobs for males are disappearing, but I see nothing but opportunities.

  4. It is. But is the image you are commenting on in this particular post? If it is, you're seeing things I don't.

    You're right of course. Actually, males can do a lot to improve society – even through simple acts like shutting the fuck up or fucking off when they're not wanted. There's always something you can do, I think.

    Best wishes


  5. I mean of course the last picture with the male being loaned out to be of service to Mrs Leeman.

  6. Of course you do. As ever, you're actually paying more attention here than I am. Sometimes I can be a bit slap-dash in the way I work on this blog, despite all of the efforts of The Management (as in this context I call her) to help me stay focused.

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