Seductive reasoning

I break easily.


Simon, like many alphas, sometimes finds it hard to understand subs.  It’s not his fault, of course: it’s because he’s a male and males are stupid.



She briefly renamed him “Whiny, pleady pathetic cry-baby” but ended up with the rather unsurprising “Skinny Bastard”. 

 I believe this sweet lady is Mistress Tess.  I’m sure she can help you, too, discover a new healthier lifestyle, if you ask very nicely.



Lots of men have irrational fears about castration. OK, just occasionally those fears might be rational but there’s no point in brooding on these things and letting them ruin your life.




The World Sadistic Games are much more fun to watch than regular sporting competitions.  The Ladies’ Javelin, for instance, which not only involves strength and the ability to throw far but also tests the athletes’ aim.



0 thoughts on “Seductive reasoning”

  1. Don't get so worried darling. The term castration is often used as a metaphor for all sorts of things. That must have been what thy were saying.
    Metaphor for what?
    Oh I don't know darling, like, um . . Oh, stop asking me such silly questions. It is our wedding day after all

  2. That's right, Melissa, many ladies like to use it as a vivid metaphor. "I'll have your balls off if you don't shape up", that kind of thing. They rarely mean it literally. Similarly, when a man describes a woman as a 'castrating b****" it's not usually meant to be a literal description, although men not wishing to test that theory would be well advised to abjure the phrase.

    Best wishes


  3. always happy to see new castration captions from you! I'd love to see the topic come up more often. cheers

  4. I have seen your imagefap offerings sexnscissors and I did spy maybe one or two that a certain purveyor of this blog might recognise the actress. But they are very clever.

    There should be a series of the sadistic Olympics. It will surely run and run. Like the castrated penis in a relay race. Femsup.

  5. Thank you sexnscissors. Yes, it's a popular topic – who doesn't enjoy a good castration story? I read somewhere that it is actually the fifth most common article topic in women's magazines, although obviously the covers never mention them for fear of scaring the men. And you never know – you go for years thinking you're never going to meet a woman who's really into it, then find yourself waking up one morning after a night out, strapped to a trolley in a soundproof room lined with plastic sheeting, with your date from the night before happily shaving the area of interest. So there's always hope.

    And int he meantime there always will be captions, don't worry.

    Best wishes


  6. Ah yes, very good.

    I may well be inspired to report again from the sadistic Olympics, Femsup, we'll see. The Marathon is a particularly interesting event: the medal goes to the lady overseer of whichever of the males actually completing the race is most overweight for his age group. There was a particularly exciting finish last time, with two almost equally flabby participants, with scarlet faces gasping for air as they stumbled forward towards the line while their trainers screamed and lashed away at them, looked like securing gold and silver for Team Czech Republic yet again – but one of them had a heart attack and collapsed a mere three metres from the finish. Rotten luck for his trainer, but there's always Paris 2024. Not for him, obviously, but she's got a new one and is busy fattening him up with thrice-daily lard sandwiches.

    Best wishes


  7. I like the idea of the relay race too… four-person teams, with the only male team-member going first, presumably, running full-tilt towards the second runner waiting impatiently with her knife…

    Best wishes


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