Esclavage, inégalité, sororité!

OK, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as the original.  But happy Bastille Day, anyway! 

My favourite verse, lightly adapted:

Grande Déesse! Par des mains enchaînées
Nos fronts sous le joug se ploieraient
De viles despotesses deviendraient
Les maîtresses de nos destinées !

Francophony or not, we can surely all celebrate a day named after a dark and gloomy dungeonlike prison in which unspeakable tortures took place, and even the Marquis de Sade (surely worth celebrating in our community, despite his peculiar ideas about which sex should whip the other) was imprisoned, so  –

What’s that?  Bastille Day celebrates the liberation of the prisoners?  Oh dear me, we can’t be doing with that.  Bloody French; get everything backwards.  Never mind, forget it, relâchez-vous!

Marchons! Marchons!


Sweet financial domination
She’s always had a kind generous nature like that.  One of those people who loves doing favours for her friends, you know?


Good thing you clarified that.  It’ll be all right now.

Sex with a whip
Imagine not being turned on by the thought of whipping!  Some people are so weird. 
You had one job.


Isn’t that romantic?

4 thoughts on “Esclavage, inégalité, sororité!”

  1. Tortures in the Bastille ? Which kind of (hi)stories do you read currently ?

    No tortures in the Bastille, which were a prison fon nobles and gentry. On the 14th of July, 1789, seven men were in this jail : four criminals including one noble, three mad men (not in asylum because of their family's names, one of them being noble) and one incestuous noble. No of them desserved being regarded as a victim of tyranny…

    Marquis François-Donatien de Sade was a raper and a sadist (word coming from his name) pædophile. And the Révolution initiated at the Bastille was the worst killing part of the French history, far worst than WW2 and even worst than WW1…

    Do you feel brotherhood with mass-murderes and pædophiles, or are you just an ignorant about French history ?

  2. Well, mostly just ignorant about French history, I expect. And many things, to be honest.

    I'm sure you're right. Only.. you realise this blog isn't really supposed to be a work of academic scholarship, right? I mean, I'm all in favour of being corrected (goddess knows…) but if you start fact-checking everything here for historical or scientific accuracy, I can tell you you're going to be writing a hell of a lot of comments.

  3. Don't worry !

    I'm not going to check historical accuracy on your blog !

    Sorry if you regard my comment as disobligeant ; I especially can't stand reading that a pædophile like marquis de Sade was a victim !

    Yours faithfully,


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