Strict unethical standards


Sometimes, for brief periods when I am asleep or locked away in a cupboard.




God save the Queen.  And her subjects, who might need some divine intervention, in the decades of her reign.



What sort of fish?  Sustainably-sourced, I hope.




I did know at one point.  Maybe I forgot… it’s all such a long time ago.




Sometimes I wish English retained the distinction between familiar and formal modes of address.  I could try asking my domme to call me ‘thou’ but it just wouldn’t be the same.*

 This is the very lovely and French Ibicella.  She speaks English but, really, why would you want her to?



* Occasionally people ask me what my pronouns are.  To my embarrassment, I am forced to admit that I am not allowed any.

One thought on “Strict unethical standards”

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